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Saturday, September 25, 2004


Well the time has come and I have no choice. I have to seriously make up my mind and get down to cleaning and organizing or my trip to the US is going to have a severe crimp put in it. Oh I'll still go alright. Nothing short of illness would keep me from it but I can't bear the idea of me leaving and this apartment remaining in the sad, disorganized state that it's currently in. It's really bad. I mean it's gotten to the point where my spare room has turned into something one sees on "Clean Sweep". I can't do anything else with it but clean it up. That means getting together a few dozen trash bags and just starting in and remembering that it will do no good to feel overwhelmed by it. I have about five weeks in which to work a miracle and I can do it. Won't take any five weeks either. I can get that spare room shaped up in a week. Maybe less but I'm just going to count on it taking 7 to 9 days. Good grief, if I'm not done in that time I'm just going to throw it all out! Seriously though, if I can get that one horror behind me, then the other organizing I need to do will be much easier. I think that's why I can't get the other rooms picked up in the way they need to be. Lots of the junk I have in here needs to be put in there and when there's room to put things in their proper place I'll have it much easier.

Just do it, lazy ass. Just get up and do it!

Margot has moved back from her summer house. We still don't know who she's going to be able sell it to - the people she wants to sell it to can't really afford it - but I think something will be worked out soon. With her back in the building she'll be over here visiting more often and that means she'll be wanting to help me with cleaning up. Not that I mind it but I can't organize things if she's under my feet. I think what I'll do it let her get B's things organized and let her go through all the old videotapes and such while I work on the monster junk room.

I'm seriously thinking about getting a housekeeper. Just once a week. That's all I need.


Blogger Freddy said...

You'll have to take some of your unwanted stuff to a car boot sale. You might make some money. Oops do they have car boot sales in Germany?

10:43 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

We just call them flea markets here - same as in America.

Mostly what I need to throw out is useless stuff. Clothes will be taken to the Red Cross collection and what books I have that I don't want to keep I'm planning on giving to another American lady I know here (you can learn another language but you never tire of reading in your native language) or donating to the tiny English books secion of my city's library.

1:16 AM  

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