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Monday, May 02, 2005

Yeah, yeah...I'll get to it

No, I have not started getting my kitchen cleared out yet. You see, to do it now would deprive me of my shit hemorrhage panic later on when I'm frantically tossing things into boxes and garbage bags and occasionally mixing up the "keep" stuff with the "toss" stuff and dammit, I like a little panic once in a while!

I have what may pass to be a bit of an excuse. It's unseasonably warm today and so I spent some time outdoors introducing my pasty white have-you-been-in-prison-recently-you-are-so-pale skin to the sunshine and warm breezes. I felt like one of those people who emerge from a nuclear fallout bunker after a dozen or so years underground.

The weather is scheduled to go back to it normal it's-early-May-and-therefore-must-suck state as of tomorrow and I have time anyway to get this show on the road. The actual tear-down won't happen until late afternoon next Monday so I have a whole week to procrastinate! Ahem. I mean, I have a whole week in which to carefully plan and execute the sorting and packing of my kitchen!


Blogger BarefootCajun said...

Yes, you have time but you are like me - you work best under pressure. :-D

6:43 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

My MIL said "We need to get started on Thursday clearing things out!" in that chipper way she has.

We're gonna butt heads over this. I can just tell. She's going to be all under my feet saying "Are you keeping this? And this? Why do you want to throw that thing out?" and I'm going to be thisclose to getting in her face saying "Go talk to your son or something and GET OUT OF MY WAY!".

7:23 PM  

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