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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I believe Poppy's bout with dullness may be catching because I'm feeling just as dull here. Not Poppy's fault, of course. Actually I would call it more of a coincidence than the spreading of dullness.

There's just nothing going on here. I really wouldn't mind going out for a few hours but so far this week we've had the ever-present parade of friends and neighbors and therapists in and out so me gathering a few hours together to get out has been severely hampered.

And if I don't get myself to the post office tomorrow morning, Sally is going to come kick my ass - which, I suppose, could be a good thing because it would break the monotony.


Blogger Marybeth said...

I guess the dullness that you speak very contagious. Life is so dull right now...I even watched The Bounty Hunter for excitement.

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I decided to volunteer to be the check in person at our event tonight- I feel like I have zero to say to prospective employees...maybe since I have been here all of 7 working days.

My feet hurt, my makeup has all worn off and I have now been at work for 9 hours....3 hours + cleanup to go!

...but I actually really like it here! Everyone is really neat!

Kim, I brought cookies and I may have a couple jobs coming up!

Smooches and hugs- I am going to try to respond before I leave- I dont have mail up here, only internet! A HUGE storm is coming in- oy vey, we had BETTER not lose electricity!

Write back- I only have access here! I hope you are still on!

You need a general posting area!


12:22 AM  

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