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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Passport has been found. Panic averted.

I normally don't carry it with me all the time because of the shit freak out I'd have if it were stolen by the little pickpocket jackasses around. It's not that I couldn't get it replaced but I don't want to drag my ass all the way into Berlin to do it.

And I knew I'd had it somewhat recently because I had to use it when I got the money out of the bank to pay for the kitchen remodeling.

Normally it's in a little leather pouch that I carry in my purse along with a couple credit cards that don't fit in my wallet if I'm going somewhere where I need such things, that is and when I'm not carrying the pouch around it stays in the same kitchen drawer where I keep my aluminum foil and Saran Wrap and wire cooling racks. Logical place for it, huh?

My MIL had to use the little pouch when she went on her trip to Prague so I'd taken out the contents and layed them in the drawer loose. And so when I went to look for my passport I natually thought it was with my Master Card and one of my ATM cards and the 200€ bill that had been in that pouch. Cue the freak out when I looked in the drawer and it wasn't in there.

Sometimes I keep it in the metal box I have for important documents. Not in there. And sometimes I keep it in a cabinet in the livingroom (getting the idea that I need to keep the most important document I have in ONE STINKING PLACE?). It wasn't there.

So I looked in a purse that I haven't used in weeks. There it was at the bottom. And I have no earthly idea when I put it in there. I'm sure I'm the culprit but I have blanked out the moment when I thought the bottom of my black Fossil handbag was the proper storage place for my passport.

So now I can carry my passport with me tomorrow. You know, just in case I get a wild hair and want to dash over to Poland.


Blogger Mahala said...

I can honestly say that I've never known of anyone to get a wild hair to dash to Poland lol. Enjoy your blog :)

3:00 AM  
Blogger Kirsti said...

Yay for finding it and thanks for letting us know (St Anthony always comes through :) ). And I hear Poland's quite nice this time of year...

3:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG- I started to paniac as I read this! Thank goodness!!! What a relief!

I dropped my Passport on the plane to Italy in Feb- I wigged. Luckily, my brother and Squirtie were calm headed and Squirtie found it against the window- wedged between the seat and the plane. I about lost my mind over that- so I can relate!!!!

Im like a kid whose passport should be pinned to their coat with a note.

SO glad you found it!!!! And glad Margot had a super time in Prague- dying to see it!


2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Im like a kid whose passport should be pinned to their coat with a note." BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Glad you found your passport all safe and sound! Whew.

Hey, you can visit "my people" in Poland. Although I think my last name may have a few more c's, z's and an "i" or two added in. It's hard to believe I have the Americanized version. ha!

3:02 PM  

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