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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Latest and last

Packing is nearly complete. I still have to do the kitchen but there shouldn't be any discoveries there since it was sorted and cleaned out six months ago when the new one came in.

But here are a few samples of the goodies uncovered today.
  • The most completely useless pair of nail clippers ever manufactured. They wouldn't cut through butter, let alone a fingernail.
  • Silk Anne Klein scarf I've been looking for for years.
  • Scrapbook from our wedding.
  • Teach Yourself German CDs. Not especially helpful for me.
  • Five ancient Kinder Surprise Eggs that came as a gift set. The chocolate had turned scary but there's nothing wrong with the toys inside.
  • Celine Dion CD. I know...I know...
  • Photo of B's first grade class. I was proud that I could pick his six year old self out right away.
  • Photo album with photos of B's vacation to Budapest with his first girlfriend, Kirsten. Great pictures. I love to see any photos of B where he's actually standing.
Glad the toughest part is just about over.


Blogger Michelle said...

The treasures you find when moving are great, but I feel your pain kiddo. I feel your pain. Glad you are almost done.

1:44 AM  
Blogger Miz said...

Congratz! Give yourself a big pat on the back for me. You deserve it. Moving is such a bitch. It is kinda fun to unpack and organize the new place though.

3:19 AM  

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