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Saturday, January 07, 2006

More tissues now available for the world's use

~ After a day of feverish sleep, decongestant and antibiotics, my cold is much better. I don't often catch colds so when one comes along I make an enormous deal out of it. And I live in fear that B will catch it which will make it a truly enormous deal. Quadriplegics and respiratory infections do not go together.

~ I had to run to the grocery store today and needed to take a streetcar to get there. I was standing at the stop, randomly looking around and a streetcar that I couldn't use came to the stop. I continued to stand, my gaze fixed towards my left in the distance and I turned my head back towards the streetcar as I heard it take off and just in time was able to see two teenage boys giving me the finger as they rode off. No other people were standing by me so I took it that they meant their greeting for me.

Little shits. Had I know they were going to do that I'd have gotten on that streetcar and given them an actual reason for giving me the finger.

~ Somehow while I was caught up in holiday preparation frenzy (at least this is the excuse I've devised for myself) the unpacking of the last few boxes of crap I have stopped. I have about ten left and I haven't made a move towards getting them taken care of. Typical behavior for me - get to the finish line and then dick around and merely shuffle to the end.

~ Related to the above, Thursday night - actually it was the wee hours of Friday morning - I awoke gasping for breath because my nose was completely closed and I had the most awful feeling of smothering. I was sleepy and addled from cold medications and I suddenly became panicky about B's electric wheelchair. It should normally be in the hallway but it got put into the bedroom during the move and I haven't cleared space to get it unpinned from the corner it's currently jammed in. I became nearly frantic that I wouldn't be able to get the wheelchair out of the room and it would cause all sorts of problems on the 16th when the new bed gets delivered. I got out of bed and paced around fretting over how I would get the wheelchair out and was within a spat of moving things around and driving out the wheelchair in my whacked out state.

Of course in the light of day one can plainly see that chucking a couple empty cartons and moving the computer table and chair into the hallway while I drive the wheelchair out will take care of things very well.

~ I have a suspicion as to why I was flipped off today. I'm going to guess they got wind of this.

Not my fault they still posess the lower anatomy of a Ken doll.


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