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Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Shuffle - Cheesy Pop Edition

How I love thee, cheesy pop songs!
  1. Bend Me, Shape Me - American Breed
  2. Thunder Island - Jay Ferguson (thanks for the reminder, Sari)
  3. No Milk Today - Herman's Hermits
  4. Look Through Any Window - The Hollies
  5. Undercover Angel - Alan O'Day
  6. Ariel - Dean Friedman
  7. The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace
  8. Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Swede
  9. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) - Edison Lighthouse
  10. Midnight Confessions - The Grass Roots
A shuffle that provides extra protien and calcium for strong bones and teeth.

Seen today during driving:

~ While stopped at a notoriously long lasting traffic light located by a streetcar stop I saw three guys talking, one with a rolled up newspaper. The first guy smacked the second one on top of his head with the rolled up newspaper. The second one biffed the first on on the back of his head. The third guy smacked the second guy on top of his head. The first guy hit the third one with the newspaper and then hit the second one again. It turned into a Three Stooges-esque smackdown and I thought there would be eye gouging and nose pulling any moment.

What was killing me is that each of the three guys had to be at least fifty years old and they were about to wet themselves laughing.

May y'all enjoy your weekends with as much passion as I enjoy a box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies and a quart of milk.


Blogger ninjapoodles said...

That story? That is why you Must. Carry. Digital. Camera. Always.

That is priceless. Truly pricless. And I love that I'm half a world away laughing at the antics of random middle-aged Germans. Thank you!

12:02 AM  
Blogger Dixie said...

I know! And I do normally carry my camera with me but my brain was evidently remembering to bring back bottles for deposit and I neglected to stick the camera in my purse.

And it's not like I couldn't have used the camera on my cell phone! It's just that I was so taken up with these three clowns goofing around I couldn't think straight. Middle aged German men just don't do things like this out on the street.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Oh no! Not Undercover Angel! Noooooo!

Love the story about the guys -- I could them and their Three Stooges selves right in front of me even though you thoughtlessly neglected to take your camera with you. :)

3:26 AM  
Blogger sari said...

Oh my GOSH, that is some priceless cheesey pop you've got going there!

Every time I hear Thunder Island, I actually have to stop what I'm doing and pretend I'm singing it, and I think of you.

You also had me at #5, #7, #8, #9 and #10!!

And the Three Stooges story, priceless! I grew up on those boys thanks to my dad, and I would probably have been about to the wetting my pants point laughing at them!

As a side note, every time I hear The Night Chicago Died, it reminds me of Mystery Science Theater 3000. One time they all just broke into song and sang that and it still is funny to me though it's been what, 10 years since they've been on tv?? I loved that show.

Thanks for a great great post, I loved it! :-)

4:16 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Did somebody say "Girl Scout Cookies"???

5:15 PM  
Blogger Kirsti said...

Can you get thin mints over there? Do you need a supplier? Coz I'm happy to send you thin mints, samoas, tagalongs...

7:59 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Oh how I wish there was a GS cookie supplier here! I haven't had GS cookies in years and years.

Okay Kirsti - how did you know my three favorites are thin mints, samoas and tagalongs?

9:02 PM  
Blogger Virginia Pickel said...

mmmmm...Thin Mints... :-)

2:52 AM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Nice pull on the songs. Both "Thunder Island" and Undercover Angel"...priceless!

6:03 PM  
Blogger sari said...

I forgot to tell you, we just got Dreyer's Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream, Luke and I love it!!

I guess I couldn't send you any of that, though!

8:55 PM  

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