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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wearing the "kick me" sign

I don't mean to whine and bitch and complain but in the last 24 hours I haven't been able to catch many breaks.

~ In the middle of the night when I was not feeling particularly sleepy I was up knitting and watching the news and I felt my glasses wobble on my nose and go lopsided. As I took them off the left lens fell into my lap and I could see the plastic wire that holds the lenses on the bottom side had broken up close to where it attaches to the bridge. This would be the 700€ pair of glasses I bought last July. And where were my old spare pair of glasses? Don't ask you? Don't ask me either! I had no idea where they could be since I had no particular recollection of seeing them since moving to this apartment. All I could think was that they were still in one of the eight unpacked boxes and I couldn't see shit so that I could find them. I tried to put in a pair of my contact lenses but my eyes were already itchy and red and achy from it being the middle of the night that slipping a lens into my eye was about like taking a Brillo pad and poking it into my eyeball repeatedly. I resorted to putting on B's glasses which aren't nearly as strong as mine but at least kept me from stumbling around completely blind. First box - no glasses. Second box - no glasses. Third, forth, glasses. I looked in every box - even boxes that I knew only contained my teacup collection and a punchbowl with matching cups and I couldn't find my spare glasses. SHIT!!

I was so furious with myself and so tired that I was giving up and going to bed. After some sleep then I could try wearing my contact lenses and go to the optician to get my glasses repaired and hope it wasn't a repair that would require them to be sent away for a week.

I was still fuming inside and picked up some PC games that have been sitting on one of the computer tables to put them in the cabinet where we keep all the computer stuff. And what was in there? Why, there was the bag that not only held the cases with my spare glasses and B's spares but the receipts for the purchases of our glasses. I was grateful but so wound up and so angry with myself for my mad organization skills that I couldn't sleep.

~ Today when I had a little spare time I decided that I wouldn't use the time to unpack moving boxes but instead I'd redeem the gift certificate for iTunes that Mollie gave me for my birthday. When I got the gift cert in my email I was so excited that I didn't read the fine print so when I looked at it again today I noticed that I could only redeem the gift cert at the US iTunes store. Great! No problem! I went to the US iTunes store and they wanted me to make an account! Great! No problem! I started filling out the information and they wanted a credit card from me. Great! No problem! And that's when I saw the part where it says "If your credit card billing address is not in the US, click here". Begin descent into shit. I clicked on the place to let them know that my credit card billing address is in Germany and they took me to the German iTunes store. Very nice but I can't use the gift cert at the German iTunes store because that would...oh...I dunno...make my life simple! And the US iTunes store can't take my German credit card billing address because that would...oh...I dunno...make my life simple! Make my life simple and actually put them into the 21st century because, Internet based merchants, if you're going to have an international product it would behoove you to allow purchasing be done internationally! iTunes and W@lmart both don't allow international billing with credit cards that can be use all over God's green earth and you know what that means? It means those nudniks don't get my money. Until you allow me to purchase things in your US based stores with my German billing M@sterC@rd, you don't get to have my money.

Know who lets me buy stuff in their US based store with my German billing credit card? And that's why the Peach loves her some I spend a freaking fortune there year in and year out because I can go to their website and buy, buy, buy for my family and friends in the US, have it shipped directly to them and my German billing credit card gets charged with. no. problem. what. so. ever. Get a clue, iTunes!

And then I had to tell Mollie this whole stupid saga and apologize like a madman about ten times because I'd been dicking around with her lovely, generous gift and while I deserved to have her clunk me in the head for it she was gracious and wonderful as ever and we have it all worked out, so there!

~ Dear Weather Man or St. Peter or whoever is controlling the weather. Make it stop snowing. Now. If one more flake of white crap falls out of the sky, someone's gonna get a bruising. It's now March and it's time for snow to be over. And don't tell me that it's not much snow. I don't care. No. more. snow. Time to get one with spring.

~ It's official. The German national soccer teams blows. Italy embarrassed the complete shit out of them - 4-1! Guys, the World Cup starts in 100 days! You keep playing at this level and you'll be back home with the wife and kids in 110 days!

~ Since about 5:30 this evening I've been sneezing like crazy and my nose alternates between running and being completely clogged. Since my eyes are also itchy and a bit weepy I thought it might be my hayfever getting cranked up but hey! there's nothing even sort of blooming here because hey! it's snowing again!

Y'all are wishing I'd go back to yarn talk, aren't you?


Blogger sari said...

No, your day is worse than mine. You win! hahaha

I hope both of us have better days tomorrow!!


And I tried twice to post this but HELL I can't even type the stupid word verification correctly! Argh!

12:43 AM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Dearlord, Sari. We truly are twins. I had the same problem leaving comments on your blog.

12:57 AM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Yikes, this is a side of Dixie we don't often see!

1:37 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Off topic of the bad but I had to say, I love your knitting olympics medal! And stupid iTunes should indeed be able to charge your German credit card if you shop in their U.S. store -- esp. if they are going to make a gift cert only good in the U.S. store -- that's dumb.

2:20 AM  
Blogger Kirsti said...

Aww. I'll send some of my Monday luck in your direction and hope that tomorrow is better for you.

4:36 AM  
Blogger Mimey said...

I think I can tie this up neatly and tell you who to blame: it's all down to Jurgen Klinsman.

He breaks glasses, messes with international credit cards as well as managing a team from thousands of miles away. Whaddya expect. He's probably used his mind powers to de-organise your domestic filing system.

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those craptacular international issues to do with the iTunes Music Store can largely be attributed to legal issues. Basically, they have different licensing deals in different countries -- so some artists will be licensed in the US and some in Germany and they may or may not appear in both. Because of this, it would be a legal minefield for them to sell MP3s licensed in the US to someone who isn't in the country. Stupid, yes, but covering their litigious asses.

That said, I have a US credit card, not that I think it will do you any good at this point but if I can help at all, just ask.

And I'll take your snow, too. I'm dying for it. It's just been teasing us with little flurries. I want proper snow, damnit!

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and you like amazon because it allows me to have a paycheck :)

1:13 AM  

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