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Thursday, March 16, 2006

What I do for those I adore

Let's get a bit meme-ish, shall we? It's a sure way to chase away late winter blues.

I've been tagged by Sally. She's an actress, did you know that? Been in movies. And plays. And TV shows. Showed her boobs on screen too. And she lives in London. I love London! I've been to London and did I see Sal while I was there? No! 'Cause she had to go to Norway or Denmark or some other place the one week I was there. She was off acting and missed me!

But I love her dearly. And she sends me PG Tips and HobNobs so I love her double. And she sent me Hellmann's mayonnasie too. Did you know that Hellmann's is the mayonnaise of choice for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II? I did! Armed with that knowledge I'm ready now to go on Jeopardy!

On with the meme...

Four jobs you have had in your life:
Dry Cleaner
Bank Teller
Customer service for a power utility
Payroll assistant

Four movies you would watch over and over
The Best Years of Our Lives
To Kill a Mockingbird
Der Himmel über Berlin

Four places you have lived
Corinth, Mississippi
Memphis, Tennessee
Manassas, Virginia
Magdeburg, Germany

Four TV shows you love to watch
Desperate Housewives
Gilmore Girls

Four places you have been on vacation
Williamsburg, Virginia - loved it.
London, England - really loved it.
Bethany Beach, Delaware - was drunk the entire time.
Lake o' the Pines, Texas - should have been drunk the entire time so I could bear the boredom.

Four websites I visit daily
My whole Blogroll
Ga-Ga for Ya-Yas
Boxerjam Games

Four of my favorite foods
French Fries

Four places I'd rather be right now
My sister's kitchen
Mollie's livingroom
Adelaide, Australia

I won't tag but gladly invite anyone in needed of some meme goodness to steal and have fun with it.


Blogger Marshamlow said...

Gilmore Girls rock!

11:57 PM  
Blogger Ginnie said...

I've really enjoyed reading this particular meme all over CyberSpace, Dixie, because you learn so much about people. Thanks for sharing about YOU :)

8:38 PM  

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