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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bi-lingual Happiness

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It's day two of Language Week - third day I've been writing some of my blog entry in German. If I do it an extra day does that mean I get extra credit? A gold star? Brownies after supper?

In any case, we've got knitting talk and we've got good news. Which first? Oh let's do knitting first. If I give you the good news first you'll skip the knitting.

The first sock of the Simulated Basket Weave socks I'm knitting for Darling Mollie is finished.

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Technical information: It's knit with two skeins of Regina 4-ply Silk yarn, one in black, one in pink. The black is well used but I believe I have more than enough pink leftover in the skein to knit the second sock.

I want credit for knitting that sock with two colors of yarn and I didn't turn it into something that looks like a monkey has been at it. Mosaic pattern knitting isn't really difficult as long as you keep track of which round you're knitting and you keep your yarns separated and not allow them to get wrapped in one another. I strongly recommend using a yarn bra for each skein to aid with that. Take an old pair of pantyhose and make your own.

That was all in English because I knit English style I'm simply too lazy to translate all of that, plus I don't know a lot of German knitting vocabulary and B's rubbish at German knitting vocabulary as well. I'll present the good news in German and translate for you.

Es ist ofiziell. Es gibt kein zurück mehr. Ich habe mein Ticket gebucht und bezahlt um im Oktober in die USA zu fliegen. Ich verlasse Deutschland am 10. Oktober, verbringe einen nicht enden wollenden Tag im Flugzeug nach Memphis, und zur Abendbrotzeit bin ich in Mississippi. Ich besuche dort meine Familie. Freundinnen von mir von überall aus den Staaten kommen um mich dort zu sehen an einem Wochenende. Dann am Abend des 27. Oktober sage ich meinem Heimatland auf weidersehen, hoffentlich nicht für immer.

Weißst du was das Beste an einem Besuch zu Hause ist? Ich muss werend der ganzen Zeit nicht Deutsch sprechen. Weißt du was komisch ist am Besuch zu Hause? Ich erwische mich selbst dabai ab und zu Deutsch zu sprechen.

Translation:It's official. No turning back now. I've booked and paid for my ticket to fly to the US in October. I leave Germany on October 10th, spend a nearly unending day flying to Memphis, and by supper time in Mississippi I'll be there. I'll be there visiting with family, friends of mine are coming in from around the US to visit me on one of the weekends I'm there and then on the evening of October 27th I'll be saying goodbye to my homeland once more - hopefully not for good.

Know what's one of the best parts of going home for a visit? I don't have to speak German the whole time. Know what's one of the weird parts of going home for a visit? I'll find myself speaking German sometimes anyway.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy, do I know what you are talking about speaking the native language when visiting. Since I always take hubby along and he doesn't speak any German, I also get to translate for him. Fun, fun, fun - NOT. After a week or so, I get so confused, I start speaking English to the Germans and German to hubby. One really funny thing is when someone tells a joke in German, everyone laughs, I then get to translate it for my husband (if it is translatable) and everyone laughs again.

3:48 AM  
Blogger Marshamlow said...

oh me too. I hope I get the chance to come up and see you.

1:56 PM  
Blogger sari said...

I'm so excited for you! I wish I could see you then, but I'm going to be a little tied up in October this year.

Darn it!

10:53 PM  

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