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Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Shuffle - Not All They Did Is Perfect Edition

Even if I skip other days, I always try to post on Friday so I can do the regular Friday shuffle. I'm fairly sure I haven't missed a Friday in a few years. And since I know I'm going to post something on Friday I spend my day thinking about what else I'll write about before the actual shuffle.

Since today is the 40th anniversary of the release of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, I thought over writing about what an impact that album had on me. It came out when I was five years old and still I have a memory of my mother buying that album for my sister. I was going to write about how it's my favorite album of all time. About how I was introduced to certain pop culture figures by seeing their images on the album cover. I was going to write about having listened to that album so many times that it has to be in the thousands by now and how my other Beatles-loving friends and I would analyze the lyrics in depth and discuss what we thought they meant. In short I was going to write a tribute as to why I believe it's the best rock album of all time.

I changed my mind though because I don't really think I have anything to say about Sgt. Pepper that hasn't already been said by rock critics and other fans of the album. There are others who have been analyzing it and revising their opinions back and forth for years now and I don't see myself having much to add to the discussion. I can't really say more than what I have just said - that it's been a big part of my music loving life since before I started Kindergarten and I think it's brilliant. The Beatles are my favorite band of all time and I think this album was their high point.

Instead I think I'll talk about something that great fans of bands don't often admit - that their favorite bands are sometimes responsible for songs they really hate. And while I adore the Beatles, I also recognize that not every song they ever recorded is my taste and some simply drive me crazy. I know of other Beatles fans who think that when I say this it's something akin to blasphemy but I believe that's because people somehow think the Beatles are somehow above reproach. I don't like every movie by my favorite actors or books by my favorite authors - doesn't it stand to reason that I wouldn't like every song my favorite band sings?

But my hate list is pretty short:

~ Hey Jude - To many this is their favorite Beatles song and they can't understand why it's on my hate list. And to be fair, I don't completely hate this song - I just start to hate it at the nah, nah, nah, naaaah part. It's then that it becomes the Paul Self-Indulgence Show.

~ Paperback Writer - Simply grating.

~ The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill - I need more to drink if I'm going to listen to that crap.

And my top pick for Beatles songs I can't stand:

~ The Long and Winding Road - More of the Paul Self-Indulgence Show. Over produced and too much of everything. I like to call it The Long and Whining Song

Anything special on your please-don't-play-that-song list?

Time for Bixente the iPod to shuffle.
  1. Flowers On The Wall - Statler Brothers
  2. Paint It Black - Rolling Stones
  3. Push The Button - Sugababes
  4. Ain't Too Proud To Beg - Temptations
  5. I'm Taking The Train Home - The Twilight Sad
  6. Hamburg Song - Keane
  7. Can't Get Enough - Bad Company
  8. Jessica - Allman Brothers Band
  9. A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash
  10. Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison
Enjoy your weekend. Keep praying that Magdeburg beats St. Pauli on Saturday afternoon.



Blogger Kristina said...

The Long and Winding Road is also my least favorite. It's just so...overkill. And what you said, the Paul Self-Indulgence show.

I'm a huge fan of Hey Jude, though...:)

12:13 AM  
Blogger Mahala said...

My mom had a Statler Brothers album that I used to listen to over and over again. It's a pretty fair assumption that no one who knows me now would have a clue that I still know all the words to "Flowers on the Wall."

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dixie, I completely agree with you that it IS possible that your favorite band recorded some real stinkers. Your favorite band being whoever your favorite is.

For VERY many years Metallica was my favorite band. Number one, top of the list and albums and albums were issued that contained nothing I didn't deeply, deeply love.

Then ReLoad came out and Fuel and The Memory Remains were on it and I was shocked at how bad I hate both of those songs. I simply cannot stand to hear one note of either of them and I came to the conclusion long ago that Fuel is not only the worst Metallica song ever, it is simply THE. WORST. SONG. EVER. It's wildly, ridiculously stupid and deeply annoying. The Memory Remains is simply annoying. Especially the end of it... AHHH, it makes you want to gouge out your ears.

Anyway... Metallica is no longer my favorite band... I have many favorites and I do still like them a whole lot, but not at the very top of my list for some years now. But I still just LOATHE the ReLoad album and especially those two songs.

1:45 AM  
Blogger Hilda said...

Woman, get outta my head! As I was reading, when I started reading about songs by the Beatles that you don't like the first song that popped into my head as one I don't like was "Hey Jude"! And it's exactly the same as you, the song itself is OK, but the nah, nah, nah part makes me crazy!

That and the fact that we sleep pretty much the same way and a plethora of other stuff...seriously, we're a little scary sometimes, considering we've never actually met!


3:56 AM  
Blogger sari said...

I always liked Hey Jude, but that was because I was about five when it came out. I don't listen to it much anymore.

I have to admit, though - I *know* that The Long & Winding Road is your least favorite Beatles song, I've known that for a few years. And you know what, the funny thing is, now *I* can't listen to it, either. It's not that I think "Oh, I don't like this." I actually think "Oh, Dixie hates this song."

Lately, I've been loving "Girl" and listening to that.

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jude is my most hated song of all time. If I hear it I have to vacate the area. I usually have earplugs in my purse and I swear it is because there is a chance that Hey Jude could pop up at any time.
The history of this hatred goes back to the innocence of high school- no, this doesn't have a bad ex boyfriend link: no, I prostituted my limited popularity to get a ride to school to avoid the bus (my hatred of public transportation is another post).
Well, this girl I drove with each morning had a bad stereo and since it was the era of the mixed tape, I was at the mercy of whatever this chick could tape off of the radio. She had no DJ future ahead of her. Anyway, we had a bunch of songs there for a while- then it happened. A two sided tape of Hey Jude LOOPED. OVER AND OVER. Two and from school. Every day.
First day- I bit my tongue and smiled.
Second day- I bit my tongue and it bled.
Third day I had a band aid on my tongue.
Fourth day- I think it was a Saturday, and I was happy for it.
I believe it was the third week when- I kid you not- I flew into the front seat, ejected the tape, pulled the tape out and threw it out the window.
....I was riding the bus the fourth week.

We never spoke again. My parents and my best friends parents let us take turns driving- I think this all happened in April.

- Mollie

7:02 AM  

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