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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Mailbox Sitting, Part II

Okay, I'll admit that I was very likely wrong about Wolfgang's mail thing and it was entirely my overactive imagination that had him personal ad-ing his carcass all over central Germany and waiting for the flood of letters from lusty and lustful single women. Or not single women. He doesn't seem to be particularly picky in that area.

But he did get one piece of mail and so that made my extra steps to clean out his mailbox somewhat worth it. Personally I think that white envelope could have ridden it out another 24 hours until he was here again to pick up his mail from me but then it would have robbed me of my next installment of likely untrue speculations about his life.

It was from our rental company.

We - B and I - only hear from our rental company when everyone else does. When our yearly rent adjustment is made. To tell us that we're getting a new cable TV company. Dull stuff like that. Bet we hear from them by mail no more than twice a year. Getting a letter from the rental company when no one else did as was the case with Wolfgang set off speculation alarm bells.

He's behind on his rent. It's a letter saying "Cough it up, fella, or you're out.". Or it's a letter saying he's not going to be approved for the two room apartment he wants because he can't afford it.

Hmmm...nothing like assuming the worst, eh?

But it's probably none of the above. I think. I believe that, unlike most people, Wolfgang pays his rent directly to the rental company instead of the rental company submitting an automatic monthly debit to the bank. Maybe it was nothing more than just the monthly bill to tell him to come pay the rent.

To my microscopic credit I did resist opening the envelope. It was the self-stick kind that's easy to nudge open.

Oh, hold your outrage for a moment. I wouldn't have really opened the letter! I only let these brushes of evil snooping pass through me for a mere fraction of a second. Plus if I were that bad I'd just go into his apartment. I have the key.

I know this makes me sound very snoopy but in reality I'm not. I merely speculate about things I see but I take no steps towards poking around to prove my theories right. I only make up the theory to amuse myself. And in Wolfgang's case there's plenty to speculate about. He used to be Mr. Average Guy until the big mid-life crisis thing and ever since then it's been a head scratching, "just-what-is-this-guy-gonna-do-next?" rollercoaster ride.

Think I'm exaggerating? Then what would you say about someone who drops by to chat and casually gives a rundown of his day that goes something like "Got up early, did some vacuuming and after that I didn't have much to do so I grabbed a book and went down to the nude beach.". You gotta love anyone who throws that tidbit off like he was casually mentioning his stopping to fill the car with gas.

Oookay, Wolfgang. Knock yourself out. Just don't be inviting me along. But I gotta say it makes for fine speculation fodder.


Blogger Freddy said...

Wolfgang sounds like one cool guy. If it was me I'd open the envelope. Am I bad or what?

11:22 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

You're very bad!

He got two overdraft notices this week as well. I didn't open them but they were from his local bank branch and...well anyone who's ever seen an overdraft notice before can recogize one at 50 paces.

I just smiled when I handed him the notices.

12:28 AM  
Blogger Sally said...

Dix!!! Just found you when you left a comment - HOW ARE YOU!! I've missed you a lot. Give G a big big kiss from me and I look forward to keeping in touch with you...bug hugs

Sal xxx

12:07 PM  

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