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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Back on track

You know for a good week now I've blogged about nothing. Just some fun memes and not much else except for our trip outdoors on Thursday. So without further delay, let's get back to my life.

We were all set to go out on Saturday and today but things didn't pan out. B didn't feel so great (temperature has shot up to summertime levels and is not set to plunge back down again overnight and B's circulatory system goes bananas when it's like this) yesterday so we skipped the trip outdoors thinking an outing today would be sufficient. It ended up being a good idea since the elevator for our building was shut down for a few hours (with my neighbor's daughter stuck inside no less). It would be our luck to have it broken just as we wanted to come back inside. There's no way I could carry him up three flights of stairs so I'd end up having to scrounge up a couple trustworthy strong guys to get him back in our apartment, nevermind the headache of guarding his wheelchair against meddlers. So instead of us having supper out we ended up dining on a not-so-good-for-you-but-tasty creation of ground beef, spaghetti sauce, egg noodles and mozzerella cheese that I whip up when I have no desire to cook real food.

B's aunt and uncle came by as well to take a look at the new kitchen. We, B, my MIL and I, were expecting Tante Gabi to make some sort of comparison to her new-ish kitchen and say this or that was better in her's but she surprised us all and gave only glowing reviews. They also came armed with gifts - a new cookbook of recipes that can be prepared in 20 minutes...they look tasty as well!...and a planter of fresh parsley, basil and chives. So sweet of them to bring the herbs but I do wish it had been herbs that I like. I can't stand chives and am not terribly fond of basil but all three look pretty in the planter so I'll just keep them trimmed even if I don't use anything but the parsley.

This morning while I was up the street visiting Jesus at his house (as Mollie puts it) B was awakened by the Loud family. Blaring Volksmusik and a few seconds later he hears a woman's voice above it all screaming "I wonder how long it'll take before they start knocking?". I was furious when I heard that part. Not only do they not take any care to keep the noise down as instructed by the landlord, they do it on purpose.

B decided again today that he didn't want to go out. Not a problem with me - I can go outside any time I want. I forget sometimes how physically demanding it is for him to get into his wheelchair and get out. It's harder for him to breathe and it's tough on his neck and shoulders because he doesn't have a whole lot of control in them. I can imagine it's tough for him to want to get out and get a chance of scenery but dread the physical toll it takes on him. But there's plenty of summer left and we'll get out when he's feels better.

He's a good guy. He's been dealing with this stuff for nearly twenty-two years now and he never, ever complains.


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