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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Wrapping Up the Week

Another week winds down in the world. Bad week for a lot of folks. Hurricane Ivan seriously screws up the gulf coast of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. Makes me thankful my hometown in on the other end of Mississippi. Iraq seems to be getting scarier. I'm a news junkie and all but I'm starting to lose track of the car bombs. Every time I hear the news I think "Another one or are they talking about the last one?". Horrible. And things will get worse way, way before they get better. A German couple with twins cojoined at the head have lost one of their daughters during separation surgery. Must be on the verge of surreal to be happy that one daughter will very likely survive and grow up normally and be so devestated that the other is gone. All I can think to comfort myself is that little Lea will have Tabea as her guardian angel.

I feel lucky that it's been a fairly good week here. Nothing wildly spectatular happened but my life of quiet contentment was reinforced so I'm glad about that. I got pretty giddy about ordering online some clothes on Monday and even giddier when they were delivered on Wednesday afternoon. Why pay for 24 hour delivery when you can save yourself about 15€, wait another 24 hours and get them for the regular delivery price? I was even more happy that it all fit and it all looked nice too.

Getting new clothes is getting me revved up for my trip back home in November. I hadn't been all tickly excited because before I go anywhere I need to do some deep cleaning of this apartment but getting clothes for the trip is getting me in the travel mood. I mean I can start to get excited about the droning sound of the engines, the stale air, scary food and uncomfy seats for ten hours just as long as I can be back in my hometown wearing my new dusty rose colored twin set! However since I also bought two pair of the most comfortable pajamas I've ever owned, I may just throw on a bra underneath and wear 'em like clothes! I am in love with these pajamas!

Great weekend weather coming up. I'm taking my camera out with me when I'm walking Bonnie. I want to improve on my photography (if one can call my point-and-shoot technique that sorely needs work photography) and getting out and just snapping what catches my interest is a good place to start. I've always been better at learning by doing and so I need to just get out and do!

I have officially been let off of Wolfgang mailbox duty. He came by to see if there was any more mail (nope!) and to get the key to the mailbox. Oh, here was a weird thing he said the other day. He'd called on Tuesday evening to say...I dunno...something...and he asked B if I'd been in his apartment while he was gone. B said that of course I hadn't and Wolfgang said "My sister said she called there and a woman answered the phone.". Okay Einstein. Let's consider this for a moment. First, why would I be in his apartment? If I were, it would be sneaking in while he wasn't there, wouldn't it? So if I'm sneaking in, why in the hell would I answer the phone? Second, I don't answer the phone in my apartment, so why would I get the sudden urge to answer the phone in his? Third, why didn't his sister ask for him or ask who was on the phone? She just hung up the phone when a woman answered. I like how there's suspicion that I was in the apartment answering the phone before there's a suspicion that the fool woman dialed the wrong number. Well anyway, he came by for the key and I was irked to find he'd come down empty handed. Last week he'd borrowed a CD from me. I hate lending my CDs and I really hate lending them to him. Wolfgang had said to B, "Dude, got any rock CDs?". Sort of a dumb question but he's really lousy at broaching a subject. B had said "Well I haven't bought anything new lately." and Wolfgang came back with "What about that new Chris Norman CD? Can I borrow that?". There's your bottom line. He wanted that CD all along but he can never come out and just directly ask for something. B asked me to get it and believe me, I was giving B the laser look of death. Wolfgang left with a "I'll bring it back to you on Tuesday." and as soon as the door closed I started in on B with a "Don't lend my CDs. Please. I'm not angry with you but I don't like lending my CDs.". B didn't actually see much problem in it and claimed that Wolfgang was broke and couldn't afford CDs and probably wanted to listen to some music while out at the wild animal house but that only prompted me to say that he needed to listen to the radio if that was the case. I can't help it. I know it sounds selfish but if you'd replaced albums as many times as I have because they've been ripped off at parties or just never returned after having been lent, you'd be stingy with lending too. And I also pointed out that while the CDs are "ours" when they're in our presence, they become "mine" when they go out the door and if that CD was returned with one fingerprint or scratch on it (and, dear readers, you know his is a big sticking point with me!), I'd be the one to jack Wolfgang's ass up over it.

Poor B. He felt bad at making me upset but he didn't want to be selfish either. I can be ruthless with Wolfgang. B has a softer heart. So B offered to buy me another but I told him that I'd just wait until it was returned.

Wolfgang called on Tuesday to say he wasn't going to make it over. That's when the "Was she up in my apartment?" discussion went on. Wednesday he came by but with no CD. He said it was at the wild animal house and he'd come over straight from work. I let it slide.

Today when he showed up for the mailbox key I said "Got my CD?".

"Oh no. I left it upstairs. I'll bring it ba...uh...I'll go get it right now.". That's right, fella. You go upstairs and fetch it. I ain't giving you the death laser look for nothing.

He bounds upstairs and like five minutes go by before he comes back. Where did he have this thing? Packed down deep somewhere because he had no intention to give it back today. He didn't think of it until I mentioned it.

He left and I wasted no time checking the CD for fingerprints and scratches. Wolfgang will get to live another day because the CD was returned unharmed.

I won't even mention to him the crack he put in the jewel case. I'm nice like that.


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