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Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm just going to get this out...

...and then I'm dropping it.

I think I may have pissed off Wolfgang for good. And honestly, I don't care.

He came over today around 6pm to get the range hood from my old range. He came in, sat in my regular seat (which keeps me from giving B anything to drink), yapped with B and while he was here I started to get things together to wash B's hair. I was expecting my MIL to arrive at any time so she could help me. All is good and fine.

Wolfgang got up to leave and I went with him to where the range hood was sitting. When he had removed it from the wall he'd pulled off the filters andI began to hand him the filters. My thinking was to give him the filters, I pick up the range hood, he puts the filters on top, I hand him the whole shebag.

He starts in with "...blah, blah, put it back together..." and I pause for a second thinking which filter I'd put on first and he starts up with "...let me put it back together...don't look so pissy."

Excuse me? I wasn't looking pissy. I wasn't looking like anything. No pissy thoughts in my head for me to look pissy about.

Until that moment. If he thought he was seeing pissy before, it wasn't anything like what he got afterwards.

I handed him the shit and walked out. It was the last damn time I was going to tolerate him telling me what to do in my home. I have tolerated him coming into my home and saying "Don't look like that." or "Speak German!" or chiming in with his array of lewd comments for years now and I've had fucking enough.

He put the range hood together while I fumed in the livingroom and after he finished I showed him out the door while he started in again with the "Don't look pissy" bullshit.

Not that the hairy backed bastard needed an explaination but I told him that I wasn't looking pissy - that I wasn't looking like anything and was merely trying to help him get the range hood together. More whining from him and I showed his ass out the door, was giving a smart ass sounding "Bye!" from him and I slammed the door. Loud.

The door slamming wasn't intentional but my bathroom window was open and it made the door catch the draft and it slammed hard. Fuck it. It made my point.

My MIL came in about two minutes later while I was still sputtering and said little. Maybe she thought I overreacted and he meant no harm but she knew better than to pursue that line of reasoning with me at that moment.

It really was the last straw with me. I am sick of the disrespect he shows me in my own home. And when he makes smart aleck comments to me it's disrespecting B as well and I'm not tolerating it.

Wolfgang isn't a friend of mine. Friends of mine don't say the things to me and speak in the tone of voice with me that he's been doing with me for years. B said "He probably doesn't get that he's being rude. He probably thinks he's being funny." but that's no excuse to me. You don't get to come into my home and speak to me in such a manner without getting a consequence.

B said "Well, he probably won't be back again." and B didn't seem very broken up about it. I'm sure he doesn't relish me losing my temper but neither does he blame me for being angry.

I don't need this bullshit from Wolfgang. I don't need this guy. I can hire painters all day long. There's 20% unemployment in this city. I can find anyone to paint my apartment. He's the one who wants my old refrigerator to give to his daughter. He's the one who wants my old kitche curtains. He's the one who wants my old toolbox. You know, shitwit, if you want free stuff from me, then speak to me in my own home with respect. Do not boss me around like I'm a nickel streetwalker.

You know, if we were in Mississippi and someone spoke to me in that fashion he'd probably be taken in the back yard to have his sac snatched off like a paper towel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kim, W needed a good kick in the hosen. He just is too comfortable in your house and that has now started to translate into sloppy guest manners. Oh, forget the Miss Manners, crap- the guy is an arse! He's always been an arse! He is the arsiest arse in the whole world of Arse!

Smell you later, Wolfgang.


ps- Lewd comments. Oh the horror! Ive met the dude- I know Id rather have anyone else hit on me than that guy.

8:04 PM  

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