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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Shrine, Part II

Funny how you imagine for weeks just how your kitchen will be after remodeling. You think about which drawer you'll put what and should you put the coffee cups here or here or maybe over there. You get it all planned in your mind and then when the real event comes up you find your plans aren't always practical in reality.

This is the fun part. Muling the kitchen stuff from where I've had it all spread out isn't fun but putting things in their place (sometimes two or three times until you find the just right spot and even then it's not safe from a change) is turning out to be quite enjoyable. I have so much room!! I did a wonderful job paring down my kitchen belongings to the things I really need and use and now I find that I have so much room for it all that I'm in danger of getting things too spread out and not leaving space for any new things I may get. I have a feeling this process is going to take a few days what with all the mind changing going on.

Tomorrow my MIL is going wash my renovation smeared kitchen windows and hang my curtains. She's just dying to help me out in the kitchen (I think she loves it in there nearly as much as I do) but she and I both agree that me putting things away is a job best done solo. The kitchen resident has to have final say as to where everything should go.

I'll get pictures on Friday. Watch this space.


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