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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Read in order

...or not, as the mood strikes you. It's all unrelated stuff anyway.

1. I want to get my hallway painted and the rest of the flooring put down so I can get the unfinished, shitty look over with but I'm dreading it. Mostly dreading the invasion of the painter and flooring dude. I'm getting very "don't come visit unless it's for fun" these days.

2. It's just wrong for it to be 85 degrees one day and 55 degrees the next and it be June. I'm used to Mississippi weather. By June we're revving up to "mouth of hell" temperatures and it's gonna be that way until September!

3. Someone come take this can of dry roasted peanuts away from me.

4. No lipstick purchase today. Today I actually felt like reading when I got some spare time. Tomorrow I should be in the make-up and yarn mood.

5. I love picking out new paint but after I've made up my mind and the paint has been purchased I always second guess my pick. It's like with new glasses. I love what I pick and then when the lenses are in and it's time to fork over the money I get all " I like these or not?".

6. Like with picking paint and picking new glasses, I'm second guessing my pick for blog template. Time to search out another.

7. Let the record show that for over two weeks now my kitchen has been spotless. I didn't keep a nasty kitchen ever but I have been known to let dishes sit all day before putting them in the dishwasher and not emptying the clean ones out until it was time to put the dirty ones in. Now I can't stand the thought of a spoon laying in the sink.

8. I can't keep that up, can I?

9. Hmmmm...while I'm out tomorrow I should pick up the new Oasis CD.

10. Nothing to add. Just seemed weird to stop on nine.


Blogger Kirsti said...

Well, the nice thing about paint is that you can always paint over it. That's what Terry and I keep saying. So we have a golden yellow living room with purple accent wall (that you can just about make out in the picture on my blog where Terry's modelling my hat); a dark dark green kitchen (with the cabinets that will soon be painted cream); a pale green bedroom with lilac accents and a sunny yellow office with forest green trim.

All different shades. But we like it.

Yay for a spotless kitchen. And see how long you can keep it up for! Just keep stroking those surfaces.

Enjoy reading, and I'll wait for the yarn report tomorrow.


3:24 PM  

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