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Monday, November 07, 2005

More discoveries while packing

  • Various boxes of candy presented to us as gifts. Mostly Mon Cheri. I hate Mon Cheri.
  • Anti-thrombosis stockings for B.
  • Leather passport folder I got when I worked at ASCE. Actually they gave it to me when I quit because they were the nicest people to me. In it was a copy of my birth certificate, the international language version of my marriage license, my city residence registration and my social security card. One of those "Oh thank God I found this!" finds.
  • Four luggage tags.
  • Various airline ticket stubs.
  • Nine dollars in US money. I should send it to my mother because it's the change from a ten dollar bill I bummed from her to buy some water on the way to the airport when I flew back to Europe last fall.
  • Six pair of earrings, none of which I particularly like.
  • The final written presentation made by B for his graduation from culinary school. In it was a hand lettered, hand drawn children's menu made as part of the test. I've seen it before but I especially like looking at it because it's in his handwriting. He hasn't handwritten anything in twenty-two years.
That last thing was better than finding a treasure. I'd never part with it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dix, i know you hate packing, but i really like reading these little packing finds. the last one made me smile like an idiot for some reason.

9:11 AM  

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