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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Let the Countdown Begin!

Stoked. So very, very stoked. My friends, Mollie, Lorrie and Chelle have made their reservations to come to Mississippi to see me. My friend Michele (not to be confused with Chelle) is driving up from Louisiana. Lisa is driving down. Candy is flying in.

By God, I'm coming to Mississippi for a visit and my friends are pouring in to come see me. If that's not love - coming to stay in a little town in Mississippi for a couple days just to see me - then I don't know what is. Only groovy friends would do that and I have the grooviest of friends. Hands down.

So little time, so much to do, so many donkey braying laughs to have. How will we ever get it all done? And let's not forget the squeezed in trip to Graceland. Candy may as well stay home if we're not going to hit Graceland! Personally I am not a fan of the place. I mean it's fun to go there and goof on it but I've done that a few times now and it's lost its allure. But to be there with Candy-the-Elvis-Lover will make it seem like a whole new experience.

And you know, aside from the Graceland experience, we're going to pretty much be free as birds to do what we want and isn't that the point of girl bonding weekends? To just get together and do what sounds fun without thought to consequence? Okay, no illegal consequence but certainly no husbands-waiting-up-for-us-what-are-the-kids-up-to consequences.

I think what I'm most excited about are my friends seeing me in my hometown. The place where I'm rooted. The place I miss and the place that flashes into my mind when I think of the word "home". It's a sort of goofy place. Rednecks by the truckload and it's not on the national list of sophisticated places but my hometown still has that certain thing that makes me miss it and makes me who I am.

I can't wait. My best friends all together at once. I am so very blessed.


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