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Monday, June 06, 2005


We'll just start off the week with the completely unrelated and random (I'm beginning to hate that word and on top of it I've just been redundant!). And I always say that they'll be completely unrelated but I always seem to end up linking a few somehow.

1. Let me start with how much I appreciate my husband. I was feeling lousy from my allergies and he suggested that I bag cooking supper for today and just order supper to be delivered. Little treats like that goes a long way with me. And I appreciate that he recognizes when I'm not feeling so great and he does what he can to make things a little easier for me.

2. I can see in the background a Twilight Zone episode (one of the new ones, not the old black and white ones) where a woman goes back into time to kill a baby Adolf Hitler. Hitler as a baby, not a baby who is Hitler-like. While that seems awfully tempting along with going back into time to change or prevent all sorts of tragedies, would I really do it? Can I comprehend what sort of future fuck-ups I may be causing by altering history? On the other hand what sort of hindered good for the world would I unleash if I altered history? Does the world end up balancing itself out regardless if someone traveled back in time and altered a future event?

3. It's the Döner I ate for supper tonight. That's what's got me feeling so philosophical. Tzatziki makes you think more deeply.

4. I need to order tonight some new Birkenstocks for summer. In fact I think I need a pair of Gizeh in khaki. Or in sand. Or maybe both.

5. It nearly seems pointless to order sandals if the weather isn't going to be any better this summer than it is right now. Low 60s during the day, upper 30s at night. Where's my heat? Where are my sunny skies? Where's the excuse I need to wear new comfy sandals?

6. Hallway painting starts Wednesday afternoon. Doubt about the color chosen starts on Saturday after the new floor has been put in. Full-blown panic begins next Monday. Let's hope I don't reach the next step which is "Talk B into repainting.".

7. I have a box full of light mystery novels to read, courtesy of Mollie. As long as those books hold out I'm not going to bitch as much about the crummy weather.

8. B owes me a new CD for awakening me three nights running because he needed something. That's the rule. Three nights gets me a new CD. Five nights running gets me a new DVD. So which CD should I pick? New White Stripes? The new Oasis CD? New Coldplay? Maybe I should follow the advice of Poppy and Zoe and try a Blur CD.

9. Poppy? Zoe? Which Blur CD should I start with? If I don't buy it now I will eventually.

10. No number 10. Again I just needed to finish on a round number.


Blogger Kirsti said...

How about a Terry Gonda CD? I hear she's really good ;)

Your "Hitler" comment reminded me of the lyrics to God Said No by Dan Bern, where he imagines going back in time to fix a whole bunch of things. A haunting kind of song.

The paint colour will be fine. And it's amazing how much you adapt. I thought our kitchen was too dark a green at first - now I love it. Terry hated the bedroom paint until we moved in the dark wood furniture, which sets the pale shade off beautifully. Relax. It will look good.

Enjoy losing yourself in a good book. And don't forget to pick up those needles occasionally.

4:24 AM  
Blogger Holley said...

I'd recommend you start off your Blur with either Modern Life Is Rubbish or Parklife.

5:08 AM  
Blogger Poppymom said...

While Blur would be an excellent choice, I have to go with The White Stripes, since their new one is out today. As soon as the kiddo finishes eating her breakfast, we're out the door to get it!

3:43 PM  
Blogger Poppymom said...

Oh, and by all means get Terry's CD! She's good! :)

3:44 PM  
Blogger zoe xx said...

Get Blur's Greatest Hits - you'll enjoy it so much, and it'll give you a feel for them.

9:45 PM  

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