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Thursday, December 01, 2005

St. Nick in the nick of time

Yay! Something to do! Christmas meme swiped from Kara!

When is the best time to open presents?
I'm a Christmas morning sort of gal but the tradition in Germany is to open them on Christmas Eve afternoon. I like Christmas in Germany but that part blows.

Have you been naughty or nice this year?
Nice. The Louds are still alive and unharmed, aren't they?

Real tree or imitation tree?
Fake. Fake all the way. I'm a freak for things symmetrical and real trees just don't do it for me.

Favorite Christmas cartoon character?
You know in A Charlie Brown Christmas that scene when Schroder's playing the piano and they're all dancing? Those twins bopping their heads to and fro? I like them a lot.

Did you ever write Santa a letter?
I have no memory of doing that. Probably did though.

Buy any Christmas presents online?
Most of the Christmas presents I give were bought online.

Save the ribbons and paper or rip right through it?
I rip the paper. This is no longer East Germany were gift wrapping paper was a scarce commodity.

Sharing Christmas with family this year?
As opposed to barging into a strange family's home and plunking myself down in the midst of their eggnog orgy? Yes. With family. Husband, mother in law, husband's aunt and uncle, husband's aunt and uncle's dog that will be banished to the balcony if she pees on my brand new carpet.

Ever ride in a one horse open sleigh?
No, but I did ride in a 1972 Pinto. The one horse open sleigh would have to be a warmer riding experience.

Ever roast a chestnut on an open fire?
No, but I have busted my ass slipping on them after a November rainstorm. Damn slippery pods.

Favorite Christmas pie?
Christmas isn't a pie holiday. Christmas is a cake holiday and that cake is a red velvet cake.

Favorite Christmas movie?
Like making a mother pick out her favorite child. Okay. It's a Wonderful Life. Or White Christmas. Or Miracle on 34th Street. Or Love Actually. One of those. Or maybe something else.

Favorite Christmas song?
O Holy Night, Stille Nacht, I'll be Home for Christmas, The Angels Cried, lots of others.

People on your Christmas list - more or less than ten?
Ten times two.

Will you have a white Christmas this year?
Hard to say. Probably a fifty-fifty chance.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe?
My husband.

Who gives the best gifts?
I don't look at gifts being good or better or best. They're all good. Someone took the time to choose a gift for me and that makes it wonderful.

Do you send Christmas cards?
Usually. I should be better about it but I sometimes let time get away from me.

What color best represents Christmas?
Shouldn't this be a no-brainer? Red and green!

Do you own any Christmas music?
At least 20 CDs, plus dozens of mp3s. I found some CDs during this move that I hadn't even taken the shrink wrap off of yet.

How many Christmas parties will you attend this year?
None. B can't go to parties because he can't get into other's apartments.

Does the postal worker get a gift this year?
No, but I get gifts for B's doctors and his physiotherapist and I bake cookies and/or cake for our building super and my hairdresser.

Giving a present to a pet?
Bonnie doesn't really play with toys so I tend to get her special snack treats.

Your shopping: All done, halfway done, just started, not started yet?
Just started.


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Ohhhhh the joys of red velvet cake. Thank God my sister makes it for me.

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