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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas Market

I'm afraid I'm getting a little too wrapped up in this diabetes thing. My day seems to revolve around eating at the right times, taking my medication and taking my blood sugar. I fret over nearly everything I eat and when I do have a literal bite of something that's not strictly good for me I don't enjoy it as much as I maybe should.

Well that's not 100% true either. I went down to the Christmas market today. Even if it is the same old stuff every year - same vendors selling the same things - I still like to go. I like the feeling of walking around and taking it all in. It's the sure fire way to put me in the Christmas mood if I'm slipping off the wagon a little.

I was very good at avoiding those things I should eat. Lebkuchen hearts, french burned peanuts, waffles, Schmalzkuchen...I walked on by them. Bratwurst isn't so hard to skip because you can get grilled bratwurst all year long. But the fish...the fish from's irresistable.

I'd actually made an effort at resisting - wanting to avoid that fat and all - but I rationalized my way on over to one of the fish sellers. I got an order of Kibbelinge...or however you spell it- it's a Dutch thing...and it was fantastic. Finger length sized chunks of white fish dipped in batter and fried to crispy, delicious goodness. With some remoulade on the side. It was hard not to make the food orgasm humming noise as I was eating but I'm sure it would have only frightened the old folks standing around me reveling in their own hunks of crispy, steaming fish.

And you know when all was said and done, my blood sugar was fine. Not elevated a bit. Not that I'm going to run back for more fish. Not until next year anyway.

I'm glad I went down to the Christmas market even though originally I wasn't in the mood and had been tempted to skip it. I was also able to pick up a small gift for my MIL and on the way home I saw a store, actually was reminded of its exsistance, where I want to go to look for a gift for B. I've been wanting to get him a long, flat, narrow wooden box in which to keep his glasses and I think a store called the Wood Store will probably be a good place to start looking!

Maybe I can get back down there Friday morning if it's not raining.


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