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Monday, June 27, 2005

Drawing the line

Let's tie up or at least revisit any loose ends I may have out there and of course anything else that may come to mind.

1. B and I and the people on the fourth floor have had our fill of the Loud family. Last Thursday's battle - complete with me banging on the heating pipes and Frau 4th Floor banging on her floor and Herr Loud screaming that he didn't give a damn, he'd do whatever he pleased - has convinced us to submit our latest list of infractions to the Wobau. Honest to God, I'm sick of trying to eat my breakfast to the sounds of him taking a crap and screaming and grunting for 20 minutes. I'm sick of not being able to use my phone or hear a TV program because he's got the TV turned up so loud. I've simply had enough. They either need to shut him up, move or the Wobau needs to cut my rent 50%.

Strangely the next day after the last Battle of the Loud TV I happened to run into both Herr and Frau Loud. I was about to come down the ramp to the back door with my wheeled grocery carrier and they came out the door. As we both couldn't use the ramp at the same time, I waited at the top and wondered if they'd say something to me. I have met Frau Loud in the past but it was over two years ago and I'm not sure if she'd remember what I look like. So they took their merry time coming up the ramp and I waited and as they passed me she said quietly "Guten Tag" and I pleasantly wished her a good day as well. She either has no idea who I am or she's scared shitless that I'm going to confront her.

2. Gusset of the Zeeby's bag is finished and I'm now knitting the other side. It all seems like it's easy - the knitting part is - but we'll really see how it all is when it's time for me to stitch the pieces together.

3. Sprite Zero. I wish it was easier to find here.

4. My MIL returned from a weekend trip to Prague and as a treat for me she gave me a new refrigerator magnet for my collection and two of the tiniest cactus I've ever seen. Each one is about the height and width of my thumbnail. She always gets me the cutest little trinkets.

5. Today in Germany is Sieben Schläfertag. Tradition says that whatever weather we have today will be what we have for the next seven weeks. Please let it be so because today is was 25°C (77°F) and wonderfully clear and sunny.

And how has your week started?


Blogger BranV said...

So what you're saying is it's Groundhog day, Germany style? ;)

I can't WAIT to see what happens with this family. These vacas don't know who they're messing with. On that note, you ever wonder if, like these folks, there might be a group of international strangers who know you only as a gigantic screeching asshole? I could get realy paranoid thinking about that. Sort of a really karmic version of that whole three degrees thing.

2:44 AM  
Blogger Dixie said...

"gigantic screeching asshole"...and unfortunately I hear it screech when I'm trying to have my breakfast!

I hate to keep hitting the same nail but I at least feel the need to emphasize how loud this guy strains and grunts when he's on the toilet. Our apartments are identical. The bathroom he's in is next to the front door. The livingrooms are at the opposite end of the apartment, a good 20 feet down the hall from the bathroom, plus we have concrete floors/ceilings. I can hear him as clearly as if I were in the same room when I'm down in my livingroom. Hell, I've heard him over the roar of my hairdryer!

2:55 AM  
Blogger BranV said...

So would you agree that we can actually accurately think of him as the supersonic screeching asshole?

I really don't know how you have made it this far. Perhaps it's just that you have a better grasp on rational sanity then I do, but I think if I were you, the news agency would already have reported on the great Magdeburg Massacre.

4:25 AM  

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