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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hand me that funeral home fan, will ya?

Nasty thunderstorm just rolled through here. Bad enough that cable went off and I had to miss some of the Argentina vs. Germany Confederations Cup game. Cable going out is rare here so when it goes off, it's a doozy outside. Came back on though just in time to see Germany take a one goal lead in the match.

It's been one of those hot, sticky summer days - and so the thunderstorm - and I've even surprised myself with my complaints about the weather. I'm from Mississippi. Weather like this is a daily occurance and you'd think a 90 degree humid day would roll off my back but in my defense, I am in the land of no air conditioning. And honestly if you're away from such shitty weather most of the time, you lose your ability to stand it. I haven't endured a Mississippi summer for the better part of a decade and so my talent for coping in hot weather so humid you can surf on it has been severely hampered.

Encouraging news from the immigration office. My MIL, bureaucracy dirty worker that she is, toted the papers they wanted from me and the lady there said it all looked fine. She would include the other sources of income that we have in the financial formula and said that she spoke with the people who came to visit us at my apartment and they reported that they were "very positive" about what they observed. I guess making out with B worked to our advantage. I could get a three year visa next week but for the permanent visa I have to wait until next month. Now that they have the papers they wanted they'll do a check to see if I have a criminal record or warrants out for my arrest (and I'm fairly convinced that they check to see if there are any notices about me with Interpol...I feel so Bourne Identity!) and this takes a few weeks. I'll go back in July to sign whatever they want me to sign and I assume that since they took a passport photo from me that my permanent visa will be ready then.

Good thing I'm going to get to stay because a Mississippi summer may do me in.


Blogger BarefootCajun said...

OMG! No air conditioning? How do you stand it? I'd be looking for a little window unit to sit in front of. It's been hot as hell here but at least we have the central unit so I can't complain.

11:55 PM  
Anonymous ashley said...

no air conditioning! i would die a slow, sweaty death.

thanks for your kind words, dix. i didn't know if you knew, but this is madame v. from the board... not some weirdo. well, technically, it IS some weirdo, but at least you kind of know me.

i'll shut up now. go buy an air conditioner!

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i feel your pain, sista.

although, actually, i'm enjoying the warm/hot weather so far. i was going nuts from the lack of heat.

no A/C usually here, either, although the big climate controlled offices have it. not the houses and flats, though. we have two fans and some bloody big windows, and i keep sweet tea stocked in the fridge.

they say it's going to "storm" here friday. british "storms" are usually just a bit of rain and maybe a flash of lightning if you are lucky. yawn.

-- candace

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Mollie said...

Bless your Mississippi heart!! Yeah, I had the reverse happen when I was little- I got used to Cleveland winters, but being away from that lake air for about 20 years- woooooo wee! You'd think I was from Hawaii the way I complained!

I always say- its not the snow I have a problem with, its the -25 degree wet wind off Lake Erie!

You can complain, yell, swear or scream- anyone who has no AC has full rant entitlement!

- Moll

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Lorrie said...

I had no idea is got that miserable weatherwise in Germany. What do I know?

That's great news from the immigration office too. Just makes me smile.


6:07 PM  
Anonymous PKB said...

I bet Poppy could come up with one of those State Fair fans next time she heads to Sedalia. I think they're the same one's from the funeral home, ain't they?

Oh hell, wonder if they have them at the Missouri State Peach fair....oh boy, I'm on a mission now..

3:57 AM  

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