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Monday, June 20, 2005


Just some bits and pieces. Assemble into whatever you wish to make.

~ Two years ago today my sister and her family were flying to Germany to visit us. I'd pay big money to have her visit again this year. She's such a terrific person and I miss her very much.

~ A warm day and sunshine and available help yesterday resulted in B and I going out for a few hours. He's so pale from being indoors virtually all of the time so that when he finally does get outdoors he briefly reminds me of those people emerging from underground in one of those post-apocolyptic movies - but no radioactivity to worry about. We had a fun time though. Walked (well....) down to the lake and had supper at our favorite lakeside cafe. And the linden trees are blooming so I was practically high smelling them. I have a daydream of being in a whole grove of blooming linden trees and sniffing myself into a stupor.

~ I have no idea what it was about the combination of foods I ate yesterday evening but about an hour after going to bed I awoke with the worst heartburn I've ever had. And I probably didn't do myself any favors but I not only snarfed down four Maalox tablets but drank of glass of baking soda and water. The fire in my throat didn't go out until sometime after 6am and I'm convinced that I've actually burned something in there.

~ There is no in season fruit worth buying right now. The kiwis are either too hard or nearly rotten, there are no good berries, the peaches and nectarines are not ripe. I could have bought some cherries but I'm not a fan of them and find them to be more of a pain in the ass to eat than they're worth. In a couple weeks the better fruits should be here but in the meantime I'm saddled with bananas. I guess I can get melons but they drive up my blood sugar something fierce.

~ I need to remind myself that the lack of good summer fruit this week is not an excuse to suck down extra ice cream sandwiches. And no, them being sugar free isn't an excuse either.

~ One side of the Zeeby's bag is finished and I'm knitting the gusset right now. Logic would say for me to knit the other side of the bag but I like skipping around. I may knit one strap next and then do the other side and then the other strap.

~ I wonder if I can design a picture to knit into the same bag? I've not ever done something like that before and haven't even tried my hand at intarsia knitting but what the heck?


Blogger Marybeth said...

Your descriptions of Germany make me feel like I'm right at home here in the South. I love how you give me pictures of Germany so different than I imagine. Did I ever tell you my baby brother is in Germany? He's in Bumholder (I think that's how to spell it?).

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im sneaking in a hello! I can just picture you and B at the lakeside cafe, Kim! I am so glad he got out I could just giggle like a maniac!

We are at the end of Strawberry season here- I had wanted to go picking one weekend- perhaps I should aim for this weekend- a strawberry rubarb pie sounds good!

Miss you!

7:32 PM  

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