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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The value of the what?

You know it's a slow day 'round these parts when the high point of my day was signing up for a new online DVD rental service and picking the wish list. I liked my old service fine but with the new one I get more DVDs for just a couple Euro more.

Speaking of Euros...

Tell me, how many of y'all don't know how much a Euro is in American money? Or British or Canadian or Australian money for that matter?

Seriously, I'm curious as to what people think a Euro is worth. Not to point out any sort of ignorance but just curious as to whether the value of the Euro against their own currency even shows up as a blip on anyone's knowledge radar.

I could be wrong but it's my guess that most folks just don't know what a Euro is worth. I have a sneaking feeling that when I say something like "I got a great deal on cotton tops today - only 9 Euro!" they don't know whether I've paid the equivilant of $3.99 or $25.99.

For the record, 9 Euros is currently worth a little less than $12.00. I really did get a nice buy on cotton tops.

But anyway since I think folks don't know what I'm talking about I just go ahead and convert for them and just try to talk in terms of dollars only. I often times just don't even bring up Euros at all and that leads me to wonder whether people even know what currency I use. I assume people have heard of Euros but maybe they don't know what countries use it.

And then again maybe they do know but simply don't give a damn. I know that ten years ago you could have put me in that catagory.


Anonymous lisa said...

I don't know much about forgein currency. I guess because I don't use it and it isn't a part of my daily life.

But, it is interesting when it comes up in conversation.

5:19 AM  
Anonymous travelin.sam said...

I knew about how much a euro was worth, although when I lived in Italy some 15 years ago we were having to convert lire. And everytime I went to Germany I needed to know marks (and whatever currency was being used in Austria - we drove through there, of course, and usually had to stop and buy something)). Now I wrack my brain trying to figure out the tax rate in whatever particular county or town we're in.

I really liked lire, though. I mean where else could you brag to your stateside friends and family about spending 50,000 lire on dinner (making them think you must be extraordinarily wealthy) and yet, it was only $37?

9:43 PM  

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