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Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Shuffle - Joy Times Twenty Edition

It's been one of those days where little, nagging things go wrong. Just enough irritation to be...uh...irritating. I forgot something at the grocery store and later when I went back to get it I got caught in a puking downpour of rain. Got into a disagreement with B over the forgotten grocery item. I left a pot of begonias in the sun and they're now crispy fried begonias. And Gross Neck Funk is entering his testy teenage years and now the whole back and right side of my neck hurts like hell.

And when the little thing in life go wrong, that's a good time to think about the stuff that really brings you joy. It's certainly better than going berserk with frustration and irritation and ramming an ice pick into your skull and certainly much less messy.

Swiped this Joy Meme from Hilda. She's a joy to me as well.

Ten joyful things:
  1. An overnight thunderstorm. Not the kind with violent thunder that scares you out of a sleep but the sort with rain that shushes against the window and there's a rumble of distant thunder that seems to go on endlessly. I try to stay away to hear the soothing sounds but after a while I'm fast asleep.
  2. Fireworks displays. I'll admit that the loud booms and bangs get to me because I'm easily startled by loud, sudden noises but I am a sucker for fireworks. One of my favorite things about New Years Eve in Germany is going out on my balcony and watching everyone's fireworks. It goes on for hours and I never tire of it. There's a fireworks competition in Magdeburg next weekend and I'm there.
  3. Going out to lunch with friends. Going out to dinner is nice but I much prefer going out to lunch, especially with girlfriends and especially if there's no time limits for us to work around. There's something much more casual and relaxed about going out to lunch and being able to eat and talk and laugh with good friends is wonderful.
  4. Seeing music performed live or a stage musical. There's something so overwhelming about music performed live and it's difficult for me to contain my emotions. It's rare that I attend a concert or musical that I don't end up crying at some point.
  5. Books in a series and reading a new edition. I've loved books in a series since I fell in love with the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder more than 35 years ago. I become invested in the characters and when I read the next in a series it's like seeing old friends again. I almost dread reading the last Harry Potter book just because I know it's the last. If I never read it I'll always have it to look forward to but once it's read, that anticipation is gone forever. I might would even consider putting off reading it for a while just to savor that anticipation a little longer but I'm afraid I'll run into some asshole who spoils the end for me.
  6. Taking a nap on a summer afternoon with the windows open. There's something delicious and decadent feeling about laying on the bed with a breeze sweeping across your skin and the sound of birds in the distance.
  7. Talking with my husband for hours. I feel fortunate that I have the sort of relationship with my husband where we don't grow tired of each other's company and we're able to talk about anything. And we do. We sit close with my head against his shoulder and we talk about anything that pops into our heads. We tell one another stories from our past or we'll talk about politics or jokes we've heard and lose all track of time.
  8. Buying one of my favorite things. There are three things that I love to buy: books, makeup and knitting yarn/accessories. I can't have enough and I never tire of buying them. I even like the places where you buy them. And once I have them at home I don't often use them right away. I like to first look at them. Riffle through the pages of the book and run my fingers over its smooth pages. Uncapping the lipstick and rolling it out over and over and examining its perfect surface and if it's a Chanel lipstick I like pushing the little gold bottom to make the lipstick pop out. I squeeze and caress new yarn and marvel over its luscious colors and twitter with new needles or other gadgets. I'm glad the things I love most to buy are generally inexpensive because I'd hate to be this obsessive over buying diamonds and new cars.
  9. The anticipation of Christmas. It's my favorite holiday and what I love most about it is not so much the day itself but all the preparation in the weeks beforehand. I love shopping, decorating, baking and you already know I am in love with our outdoor Christmas market. The high point is Christmas Eve when B and I settle in front of the TV to watch It's a Wonderful Life and we eat chocolate chip cookies and drink milk. Last year's tradition was spoiled by my carton of milk smelling like ass but for the most part it's a peaceful, comfortable time.
  10. Curling up on the sofa and watching one of my favorite classic films. If it's raining or snowing outside, it's even better. If I have an icy cold Coke and a bowl of popcorn, it's the best.
Just remembering what makes me happy is quite soothing. Won't tag anyone but I highly recommend this exercise should you be having a lousy day.

Now for our next ten. Time for Bixente the iPod to shuffle. Go boy.
  1. Waiting For My Lucky Day - Chris Isaac
  2. Maybe Tomorrow - Stereophonics
  3. Wicked Little High - Bird York
  4. Growing On Me - The Darkness
  5. You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
  6. Whisper My Name - Randy Travis
  7. Western Stars - k. d. lang
  8. Killer Queen - Queen
  9. The House That Jack Built - Aretha Franklin
  10. Mother - Danzig
Oh yeah. Danzig. He absolutely oozes joy.

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Blogger Mahala said...

My condolences on your Gross Neck Funk. Maybe slap a little Epsom salt/water mixture on there?

1:35 AM  
Blogger sari said...

You had me all sentimental & stuff until you reminded me about the ass milk.

Then I just laughed my head off!

Have a great weekend, hope your funk is getting better soon.

2:56 AM  
Blogger Miz said...

Have you read the J.D. Robb "In Death" series? One of the best I have seen in a while. Murder, humor, characters you can love, hot romance and a dash of bodice ripping. (J. D. Robb and Norah Roberts= same person, hench the bodice ripping.)

5:50 AM  
Anonymous Buda Baby said...

Thanks for the reminder to focus on the happy things - great post!

11:37 AM  
Blogger Marsha said...

Reading your blog is one of my happy things. I understand you sentiment about the upcoming Harry Potter book. I am both excited and sad. This book series is such an important part of my relationship with Mandy, looking back at the evolution of our relationship from the first book we read to this one. How I had to read the first one to her because she couldn't even read yet, to now. A 16 year old, in some ways all grown up. All that is mixed in with the story of Harry, my heart is bursting. I wish I could freeze time.

I hope your neck feels better, and I really enjoyed your eclectic mix from Bixente.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous titankt said...

Oh man... the anticipation of Christmas is #1 on my list of joy, thanks for reminding me! Six months to go! I love everything about it.

In fact, I'm not sure I could improve upon your list, but I'm going to think about it and if I can think of anything more original or perfect than you have, which I doubt, I'll definitely share it.

In the meantime, I've tagged you on my blog to do a meme. Because I was supposed to tag five... and I only know two regular bloggers who also read my blog regularly enough that they might actually do a meme from my blog.

6:39 AM  

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