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Monday, November 17, 2008


I don't drink coffee - tea is what I love. I've tried being a coffee drinker but it just didn't take. I simply don't like the taste of coffee unless I've got an enormous amount of sugar and milk and flavorings and everything else that can drown out the actual flavor of the coffee. If I've got to put enough junk in it to completely mask any trace of coffee flavor, why bother? Life's too short to drink every morning something that repulses you.

Since I'm not a coffee drinker I don't have personal experience with this but I'm guessing that true coffee lovers go through the same thing I go through every morning. I get up and after my morning routine is finished and I have breakfast prepared I sit down and finally have my first sip of tea. And without fail it's like I'm suddenly able to breathe.

I could be having the worse morning in the world. It could be cold and dark and raining outside. My hair could look like the Wreck of the Hesperus. All the wrongs in my world are, if not corrected, are at least soothed with that first sip of tea.

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Blogger TitanKT said...

Well, let's see. I do like coffee. And I like for it to taste like coffee... I like it a little bit creamy but not sweet and no other flavorings. Just good brewey, rich, nutty, fresh coffee flavor.

I do enjoy the first sip, but, I guess I can't say it's the same for me as you described because I'm usually doing other stuff AND drinking coffee so I'm not focused ONLY on the coffee. When/if I get to sit down and only drink coffee, especially if it's really rich and hot, then yeah. It's that great.

12:54 AM  
Blogger Significant Snail said...

Yeah, that first sip does inspire a sigh...whether it's coffee or tea.

12:57 AM  
Blogger Rositta said...

Definately coffee for me, freshly ground beans the darker the better with just a touch of fresh 10% cream and I'm in heaven. We all have our morning rituals don't we...ciao

2:34 AM  
Blogger Diane Mandy said...

That's about how it is for me, a coffee drinker. I should switch to tea, but haven't found an herbal brand I like in Germany. Have you found one you like?

11:01 AM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Katy - You drink coffee exactly like B does. He just wants coffee with a bit of 4% fat coffee milk in it.

SS - I sigh every time. I caught myself doing it today!

Rositta - Did you know that coffee is the most popular drink of any sort in Germany?

Diane - I'm afraid I won't be any help to you. I only drink black tea, green tea and white tea. I never did take to herbal teas. The only herbal teas I keep are fennel tea for a gassy tummy and peppermint tea for an upset tummy.

10:25 PM  

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