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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Never View It Dubbed. Trust Me.

I should probably be embarrassed to admit this to y'all but I've watched Gone With The Wind in the neighborhood of seventy times. I guess such a statistic should be kept more accurately but when you get into numbers like that for a four hour film, I guess a little inaccuracy is to be expected.

I never watched the movie until, I believe, I was in high school. I loved it though - loved the story and loved the way it was filmed. And the costumes are irresistible. Clark Gable as Rhett is the quintessential rogue and Olivia de Havilland as Miss Melanie defines how a lady should be. And Vivien Leigh? She doesn't just act like Scarlett O'Hara - she is Scarlett O'Hara.

I have favorite lines from that movie and reciting the dialog along with the characters is easy. It should be after 70+ viewings. Hattie McDaniel as Mammy has some of the best lines ever and it wouldn't be a proper viewing of this movie if I didn't say along with her at the proper moment, "He'll be comin' to Atlanta when he gets his leave, and you sittin' there waitin' for him, just like a spider." She more than earned her Oscar with that one line alone.

If there's any statistic more embarrassing than the fact that I've viewed Gone With The Wind around seventy times is the fact that ten of those times occurred in five days. I had a terrible case of the flu and I was at home from work for a week. Each day I would wake up around 8am and I'd pop the cassette into the VCR. My prized 50th anniversary edition. I'd watch the movie (admittedly I may have drifted off to sleep for a few moments - I did have the flu), take a break for an hour to eat some lunch and rest and then around 1:00pm I'd start the film all over again; The End coming up on the screen just as my now ex-husband would be rolling in from work.

I don't watch it as much anymore - in fact I haven't watched it in about three years. Admittedly it's probably not the most politically correct or historically accurate film in the world but what really draws me in is the detail and the effort that went into making that movie. It's a big, lavish, dishy melodrama that lets you lose yourself completely into the story. And what probably draws me in most is how interesting a self-centered brat who needs a smack upside the head can be.

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Blogger jane said...

that's hysterical about you wtaching it ten times in five days. i actually love it too. but after about twenty times, melanie started working on my nerves with her goodness and ashley's just a great big wimp. it's rhett all the way for me!!!

i watched the age of innocence over and over on sky tv when i lived in munich. i could recite it line by line.

we have a rule in our house that if we are flipping channels and we come across goodfellas or the godfather, we have to stop and watch. what can i say, i'm from jersey!

11:16 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

In my world, I believe that Ashley is more in need of a slapping than Scarlett is. Rhett rocks. And Melanie is wimpy but she wins me over every time when she's so sweet and gracious to Belle Wattling.

I can never, ever, ever pass over Goodfellas or Godfather I or II. I love those movies beyond reason. And I sometimes think I watch Sopranos reruns every day because I love Jersey accents so much.

11:23 PM  
Blogger TitanKT said...

Well, I guess your excessive viewings of Gone With the Wind have made up for the fact that I have never seen it even once. Again, a SHAMEFUL admission! I know you think less of me now. Yes, I intend to rectify that SOON. I promise.

The movie *I* have seen as many times? Aliens. I have my reasons which are not the same as yours for your favorite, but it's still one of my most favorites ever. I can recite every line, I know every detail and I love it just as much. I also, don't watch it as much as I used to.

3:42 AM  
Blogger The Big Finn said...

Mrs. TBF loves GWTW. I've seen parts of the movie maybe totaling up to about fifteen minutes worth. I just can't get myself to watch the thing.

Don't know why...

11:02 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

Dixie, have you ever read the book? The whole story is so, so, shamefully wonderful. Prissy is who I emulate. "I ain't never birthed no babies!" said whenever I can't do something.

Goodfellas and Tombstone. Never pass up an opportunity.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Katy - You owe it to yourself to watch it at least once. Get you some good snacks, plenty to drink and snuggle down on a rainy afternoon when you'll have four uninterrupted hours and dig in.

TBF - Mrs. TBF has good taste. It's one of the first things I ever learned about her.

Molly - I have read the book twice but not in many, many years. I don't even own a copy. I should give it a reread!

8:47 PM  

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