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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Favored Dots, With a Light, Fresh Scent

I was awake until well after 5:00am because if history in the United States was being made last night I wasn't going to miss it. Suffice it to say that today I'm running on adrenaline and English breakfast tea. A perfect excuse for reverting to a bulleted list - one of positive things going up to out-and-out favorites.
  • So. That election, huh? Pretty exciting stuff. Even if President-elect Obama ain't your guy, you can't deny the history that was made. I alternated between tears and straight out mouth gaping astonishment that within my lifetime I saw an African-American elected president. What I've loved best about this election are the feelings it has renewed in me. In that great feeling that we Americans do our best work when we're given incredible challenges and long odds. That we're perserverent. That we have shown times in the past where our desire to unify in a common cause or goal transcended our differences and we're being given an opportunity to do it again. Since Barack Obama first became known to me I knew he was a speical sort of man but when he announced his candidacy for president I didn't throw my support his way until I had learned more about him. And what sold me on him most is the idea that we can aim for high goals and reach them if we unify. That the United States is one nation and the things and people that seek to divide us and put us into this group or the other are not going to keep us from reaching those goals. That we can achieve and we can make things better for future generations. I haven't felt this hopeful and optimistic in a long time and I'm hoping it's going to continue to grow and deepen.

  • My obsession of knitting socks every month has paid off. In one of the knit alongs in which I participate there is a drawing to win a hank of sock yarn - if you finish a pair of socks within that month your name goes in for a random drawing. Dixie got lucky in October.

  • Since I was staying up all night anyway I killed some time by hand winding some center-pull balls of yarn and flipped through one of my pattern books to decide on which pattern I'll knit for November. I found tucked within the book a sock pattern. Evidently I had used a pattern I'd found online and had printed off a copy without copying the name of the pattern so this is a pattern I've knit before but I don't know which one it is. So what the hell? I'm just going to knit this sock and see what pattern it turns out to be.

  • Too tired to write more. Must crawl into bed, bury my face in the pillow and get high on the lavender scent.

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Blogger Katya said...

I still can't believe it -- I think I'm in an election "what do I do now" dpression.

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