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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hair, holidays and that giddy feeling

Okay, I'm using the shitty keyboard again today so don't expect War and Peace here.

Things are on the quiet side here anyway, the highlight of my day being when I got my hair cut and colored. I was telling my friend, M, today that while my hair is now styled in a cut that could be considered out of date, I'm not sure my hair can handle being in the latest fashion. This is not from lack of effort on my part. I've tried having my hair short and I don't like it. Hate having my hair cut over my ears because I find it lends an un-feminine look that I really dislike on me. I've tried layers and they tend to make me have hair that simply sticks out. I've tried having hair longer and completely one length top to bottom but it looks flat and dull and make my head look bigger.

I've liked parts of haircuts I've had in the past but not the complete style. I like it short and layered on the top because it gives my hair lift and balances out my face but I don't like the sides and back being short. I like it bobbed on the bottom but don't like it flat against my head on the top. And while I've tried to get rid of bangs in the past, it's a no-go. I have to have bangs, not heavy ones though, because I have to cover up my gigantic forehead. I can show a movie on my forehead. Just goes along with me having a big melon for a head in general.

So my hair is now the combination of things I like. It's layered just on top and I can fluff it up or leave it be more feathered as time and patience allows. I have wispy bangs that now tend to lay down better and not turn into a curly fright. And the constantly sticking out layers are growing out, are almost finished growing out actually, so the sides and back are laying smoothly.

I know deep down this isn't the most in-fashion hairdo. Would I ever be around folks in the know they'd tell me that my hair went out of style in 1995. But you know what? It looks good on me. It suits the shape of my head and my face and so instead of me saying I'm out-of-date I'm going to claim that my hairstyle is a modified classic. I mean a bob is a classic, right?

So my hair is freshly cut and colored and all for the reasonable price of 39 € - about $51 for those who don't wish to convert. I feel pretty...oh so pretty!

Tomorrow begins the big Easter weekend here. Everything is closed on Good Friday but open again for Saturday. The everything is closed again for Easter Sunday (everything is closed on Sundays anyway) and for Easter Monday. I never got the concept of Easter Monday. However it could make a little sense considering that there are two Christmas Days in Germany - December 25th and 26th. They're literally called First Christmas Day and Second Christmas Day. Reckon whoever thought this all up thought that Jesus needed two days to be born and two days to be ressurected. As tomorrow is Good Friday I've been considering watching The Passion of the Christ. I have yet to see that film and perhaps Good Friday would be a proper day to take it in. Is it a hokey idea to watch The Passion of the Christ on Good Friday? Maybe not. I remember watching as a kid all sorts of Easter/Passover movies during Holy Week. Back then it didn't seem quite like Easter if I didn't see at least some of movies like The Ten Commandments and The Greatest Story Ever Told and The Robe.

On to other things...

B got the add-on to his favorite PC game, Sacred. Normally he's played through a game and is thoroughly sick of it within...oh...two or three months. He's now been playing Sacred for about 10 months with no sign of being tired of it in sight. With it he has the ability to play online and he's loving it so he keeps going on and on and on. Now with the add-on he's got more characters and so on and he's been as giddy as a child today. I couldn't be happier for him. I know that feeling of looking so forward to getting something and then being so tickled when it arrives. And honestly I love it when he's so happy.

Hmmm. I typed more than I planned without going insane from this keyboard. Maybe it's loosening up a little.

Or perhaps the constant stream of foul language I direct towards it has scared it straight.


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