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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Regan? Is that you in there?

I'm pretty well convinced that the people living below my apartment have someone in there who is posessed by demons. I don't know whether it's an adult or a child because those danged pesky demons sound the same no matter who their posessing but I'm pretty well convinced that there's one in there somewhere.

I had to go up to the 8th floor to my MIL's apartment and when I came back down and the door opened on my floor I could hear what can only be described as an unearthly sounding voice on the floor below me. No specific words spoken...just a devilish "WRRRRAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!" sound.

I walked over to the stairs and looked down over the banister expecting to see a puked on Max von Sydow running for the door.

More "EEEEAAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH!" and "RRRAAAAAAEEEEEEIIIIIGGGGHHH!" sounds and finally I ran for the door of my apartment and dashed inside. I imagine it was just one of their kids doing God only knows what but I wasn't going to take my chances.

Honestly, I have no idea what goes on in that apartment below us. They've got seven kids, five of which are living there (I think two are grown enough to get the hell out of there and I can't say that I blame them). And unless my eyes deceive me, I think Frau Breedsalot is pregnant again.

Of the five kids still a home, three are pre-school age so it goes with the territory that they're loud. And I don't even mind it so much. Kids crying don't bother me. And kids playing don't bother me. But there are sounds that come from that apartment that just shock me at times. Loud slams and sounds like stuff being thrown. Shrieks and screams. Really outrageous crying and finally the mother or father (mostly the father) screaming "STOP IT!".

I could be wrong but I think it's still all within the realm of being normal. I mean with that many kids in a small-ish apartment (the apartment is fairly big but there are just so many in there that it's not so big anymore) there's gonna be some outrageous noise, right? When I see the kids they all look fed and tidy and I don't see bruises or anything on any of them. I feel for the most part that I shouldn't be concerned at all and then the next thing I know it's Sunday morning at 7am and it sounds like utter Bedlam has broken out.

But I'll try not to worry too much. Unless I happen to see a priest bouncing down the crookedy stairs.


Blogger BranV said...

Now I have "My Name is Luka" running through my head non-stop...which is probably a deeply innappropriate thing to say, but there it is...playing over and over :)

I would like to just tell you how hard I snorted at "Frau Breedsalot."

11:13 PM  

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