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Friday, June 10, 2005

No mas! No mas!

I'm tired of obsessing over the yellow walls in the hallway. Fuck it. They're yellow. It's done. Slap the pictures back up and shut up about it. It's only a matter of getting used to it anyway.

The new flooring, which matches what's in the kitchen, looks wonderful though. And paying 50€ for three hours of Andreas' time to install it is a barganza because if I hired a company to do it I'd pay that much per hour. However his laugh reminds me of someone huffing nitrous oxide and by the time he was finished I was on the verge of telling him to shut the hell up and go home. I'm still sick and slightly cranky but even in perfect health I can take only so much giggling from a grown man.

The Aibhlinn cowl is coming along fine. Still loose in the knitting but I think time will tell whether this is a good thing or if I need to do it again with some different yarn to make it tighter. I'm just beginning to see the swirl pattern and I think when I get a few more inches on it it'll be ready for a picture.

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My geraniums are blooming so that's taking my mind off the fact that the weather this summer sucks. It's nearly the middle of June and we've had about five good, sunny, warm days. The rest of the time it's cloudy and cool. Can I please just put my jackets away for the season. I just got in two pair of terribly cute capri pants (which on my short legs look like 7/8 length pants) and I'd like to wear them a few times.

If all goes as planned I am in for a nice weekend (if you don't count the shit weather) of reading, knitting and baking. Wolfgang has to come by with Florian to put the wardrobe and shoe cabinet back into the hallway and that'll be it for renovations for this year, apart from random drilling to hang pictures. No more remodeling until next spring!

Good thing too as my will to renovate and my renovation savings fund are currently tapped out.


Blogger Kirsti said...

Yay for flooring - and absolutely, once you stick a picture or two up there, you won't even notice the wall colour. I promise.

Enjoy your weekend and your gorgeous geraniums.. and keep us informed on the knitting progress.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet it looks great! I was glad to hear that you are getting used to it when we talked today!

Man, I miss the stuffing out of you!


2:25 AM  

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