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Thursday, November 03, 2005


The sorting/organizing/throwing out/packing thing continues to kick my ass. And take up my time. You know I've moved very seldom in my life so I'm probably not the best at this task.

And I wish I knew some teenagers. I need them to come once a day and take these bags of trash downstairs to the dumpsters.

I took an hour and a half to get my hair colored and cut today and it was time I could ill afford to lose but the sight of my gray roots was bumming me out. Eh. I suppose in the grand scheme of things the time spent at the hairdresser won't screw me up too badly.

My cupbords are bare. Not completely bare but I have nothing really with which to make a meal. I've been trying not to buy too much at once so I don't end up having to move not-so-well-planned meal makings with me. I have no bread, no eggs, no milk, no meat except two pieces of frozen schnitzel. I'd planned on picking up some chicken today but just couldn't get time to walk literally across the street to get it. Dinner ended up being some of that bagged pasta and sauce dreck you add water to and boil up in five minutes. "Bag noodles", I call it. B thought for ages that I was saying "bad noodles" and I'm beginning to agree with him. Too salty tasting and the last time I ate them I had a gallbladder attack and threw up for hours but I had them on hand for emergencies and today became an emergency. And they're not really one of those rib-sticking sort of meals so now I'm starving again. I'd like a snack but I don't even have a measly cup of yogurt - and I always have yogurt.

I must grocery shop tomorrow before this pity party becomes out of hand.


Blogger Flourish & Blotts said...

Everything is life is a lot more tolerable if you have fabulous hair! That was time well spent. -Flourish

10:51 AM  

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