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Monday, December 26, 2005

Just 'cause it's expected

Here's the rundown of how our holiday weekend went.

~ I got fourteen books for Christmas. I couldn't be more tickled. Nothing of any real substance - it's mostly fluff reading - but few things are better than a fluffy book and a cup of tea when it's puking snow outside.

~ When I was opening the grand stash of books I received for Christmas, B's aunt couldn't resist asking if they were in German or English. She knew the answer already but she had to set up her saying to me "You should read more in German. It's good for you to read in German.". I'm sure it is. And I'm sure it's also good for you to learn a few manner and to not come into my home and tell me how to conduct my life.

I just looked at her and smiled and said "When I want to read in German, I'll pick up a newspaper.".

~ My MIL is thrilled to have her Andre Rieu concert tickets. She's treating one of her friends to one of the tickets - a nice lady who could never afford a ticket to the concert and who always does lots of lovely things for my MIL.

~ Thank God and all His happy angels for satellites. Satellites enable me to call places like Australia and the US and talk to family and friends for a couple hours each and my phone bill still be less than 30€ a month.

~ Since the pressure of knitting for holiday gifts is gone, I've been knitting like mad this weekend. Two eyelash yarn scarves are finished (one for me, one for B's aunt for her birthday) and I re-started a scarf for Mollie. Originally I'd starting making her Wavy but the yarn I've chosen doesn't show the waves very well so I've pulled it out and started a scarf in a nice basketweave pattern. Looks better and I'm enjoying the knitting better. And if this pace keeps up I can send it to her by the first week of January so she can actually wear it this winter.

~ All in all no disappointments for Christmas. I've relished having some peace around here, especially when one considers that were we at our old place we'd be being driven mad by the Loud Family, and I've enjoyed keeping things simple. Hope the rest of y'all have enjoyed your holiday weekend just as much.


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