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Sunday, December 18, 2005

So much nothing it doesn't even get a title

I have nothing today. Hand to heaven, nothing has happened in the past twenty-four hours that merits being reported here and yet due to the Holidailies thing and the idea that I don't want to mess up my streak of updating my blog each day I'm here. Ridiculous, isn't it?

Two weeks ago if I had nothing to write about I wouldn't have worried about it in the least. Or if I had only the merest of fleeting thoughts - one or two sentences at the most - but it was amusing in some way I'd come here and share it and not give it another thought. Regular readers know this and expect it to happen on occasion. But now that on a daily basis I'll have at least a couple new readers I don't feel right doing that. I feel the need to write more than just a few lines even when a few lines is the best I can muster.

I now have to ask myself "For whom am I writing?". I know who my regular readers are. Some are people I've known for years, some are online friends that I've also known for years, and some are new folks who I've come to know through our respective blogs. They've come to know my background story, my writing style, my sense of humor and my quirks and faults. I believe we feel comfortable with one another but with the addition of readers who find my blog through Holidailies I feel a loss of that sense of comfort. I feel the need to impress, some strange need to charm and lure new readers. It's as though I've come to a party with a couple of friends but we're in a huge roomful of strangers and I'm trying to impress all that I meet. And that's going to be impossible.

So for whom am I writing? What's my aim? Am I supposed to keep my focus on my regular readers or shall I be mindful of new readers and set my sights on them? Do I forget about the new folks, write as I always have and hope they get their bearings and catch on as they go along or do I make every entry something that any newcomer could follow with no background? Who am I trying to please and why am I even trying to please anyone?

This blog isn't for everyone. None are. I just write about what I experience. Sometimes it's ordinary, sometimes it's sentimental, sometimes it's funny or frustrating. Some people love the way I write and say so, some hate it and say so. I consider how much credibility I give and respect I have for the person giving the opinion and take the compliment or curse to heart based on that.

Regardless of how a reader found my blog, they'll stick around and become a regular reader if they find something in my writing that resonates with them and if it's going to resonate with another person it's got to resonate with me first.

So to that end know that sometimes I have nothing to say and you'll be the first to know it.


Blogger Miz said...

So how about a pic of the new kitchen?

5:36 AM  
Blogger christina said...

Well, your blog sure resonates with me! :-) I wouldn't worry about whom you're writing for, just write what you feel.

(Did you see that Trainwreck got you yet again? What are those people on? I love how the only people who commment are the ones who write the entries.)

8:56 AM  
Anonymous ashley said...

i don't know which category i get to fall under. i've been on gumbo for 5 and a half years (sweet jesus that is a long time) but i never really got to know you until i started reading your blog. i am a franken-category!

6:25 PM  
Blogger KlasMommy said...

I think you write for yourself and all of us. I can totally picture the things you describe. When I finally come for a visit, I'm sure it'll seem familiar to me, just by your description!

BTW, do you ever read and respond to your emails!!! ;)

Love ya girl!!! Klasmommy

7:43 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Christina, you're kind to even give those wieners a click. Like I wrote before about them, they can't do more than nitpick about others but haven't figured out that they're doing with their website something that's has been done by others for a lot longer and in a much more creative, entertaining way.

Thanks for the encouragment y'all. I was afraid I was losing my focus.

10:22 PM  

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