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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Shuffle - Not What I Expected Edition

I was up to my elbows in taking a grilled chicken off the bone. It's a job that fairly grosses me out and I try not to think of what exactly I'm doing less I lose my appetite for chicken completely. Anyway, there I was with my hands covered in chicken grease, seasoning from the chicken beneath my nails, fairly nauseated from performing this rather disgusting task when I could hear B holler from the living room something that sounded like "fire" and "Fernseher" - the German word for television.

There were a couple things that caught my attention immediately. B nearly never mixes English and German words together in the same sentence - I'm the one that pulls that stunt. Second, B was hollering pretty loud which is very seldom. He has little control over his diaphragm so yelling is very difficult for him and he saves it for emergencies only. It can literally exhaust him to scream. The whole combination of yelling and mixing languages and of course hearing the word "fire" told me that I had to move and right now. As fast as I could I scurried from the kitchen to the living room to see the flames I'd find shooting from the television we've had for three weeks.

No flames. Just the regional news.

"What's going on?"

"I told you. Freya's on TV. Look! There she is again."

I stood there with grease coated hands and watched Freya tell the reporter why she as a young person wanted to run for political office now. Freya is the 22 year old daughter of our friend Kirsten and Freya is running for city council. She's been involved with the CDU political party for a few years now and this is her first time running for office. Anyway, when the report was over I turned to B and said "You know you really scared the daylights out of me! I thought the TV was on fire!"

"No, no! I was saying Freya was on the Fernseher."

"And you know what I was thinking when I was rushing in here thinking the TV was on fire? Not that you were in danger or that the TV was only three weeks old. I wasn't even thinking that it likely wouldn't be possible for the sound to be on the TV. I'm actually embarrassed to tell you what I was thinking as I ran in here."


"All I could think was 'I'm going to ruin the TV touching it with my chicken grease covered hands'."

"We all have our priorities."

Time to shuffle.
  1. Words Of Love - The Beatles
  2. Night By Night - Michael Stanley Band
  3. Katherine Hit Me - Franz Ferdinand
  4. Hard To Beat - Hard-Fi
  5. Burnin' For You - Blue Öyster Cult
  6. I Was Zapped By The Lucky Super Rainbow - The Flaming Lips
  7. Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers
  8. The Loving - XTC
  9. Hey Now - Tenfold Loadstar
  10. The Lark Ascending - Sir Adrian Boult, Hugh Bean & New Philharmonia Orchestra



Blogger Vintage Christine said...

Deboning cooked chicken is something I love doing because half of it never hits the plate between me eating it and giving it to the pets (after making sure the husband is out of sight). Now, handling RAW chicken is a whole 'nother story. Ewwwww. So glad to hear your brand new tv hadn't blown up!

3:17 AM  

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