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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Just idling

Slow day 'round these parts. I swear, except for dusting I got nothing done today. Just took care of B - you know, doing what needs to be done with him and else I didn't do one productive thing. Didn't even knit on the bear, otherwise known as the eyelash yarn cowl I've been working on for the past week or so. I did read a lot though so that was something. And I cooked supper and I did two loads of wash so I wasn't quite as idle as I thought.

But I did knit like a fool last night and I have to say that I simply can't tell if this cowl is going to be a stroke of genius or a ridiculous looking fuzzy black tube. Right now it looks too short but too wide as well. I can knit it longer and will but I can't make it more narrow. Still maybe I don't want it narrower because I don't want it snug against my gigantic melon head. I just keep knitting and knitting but with more and more of a sinking feeling that when I'm done all I'm going to have to show for this work is something that will take me a good hour or so to unravel and roll up because it's completely unusable as a cowl.

I have to go downtown tomorrow morning to get a photo frame for a gift for my doctor's birthday. And I'll be down there with yarn. Yarn that calls to me.

There's some really gorgeous boucle yarn that I'm itching to get and make something with but I shouldn't. I mean I just bought a kitchen and I don't need to be blowing money on yarn when I have yarn at home. I keep buying gorgeous yarn and then realize that I can't knit a five things at once. Or I can but each will then take forever to complete. But then I worry that if I don't get it now I won't be able to find it later.

I never did learn patience.


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