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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Out of sorts

Yarg. I'm tired, my stomach is in knots and I'm cold. If I had any smarts I'd get offline and go lay down and snooze.

Well I never said I was overloaded with smarts. Let me try to hit the daily highlights.

The kitchen has been purchased! That's a big reason for me being tired - I had to get up early to meet with the kitchen dude. I told him that I'd like to see about getting rid of the stove in the corner and the vertical sliding cabinet and with a few other adjustments I found myself saving 1100 €. Good enough for me...consider it sold! Now a carpenter need to come by to make final measurements and to see where the outlets and plugs are located and then the kitchen will be ordered. Sometime in June (I think!) I should have a completely remodeled kitchen.

And that whole ordeal was the easy part. It only gets tougher with picking out flooring and paint, getting light fixtures, hiring electricians and someone to do the painting and floors, getting the old kitchen torn out, blah, blah, blah. Enough for now. My stomach is upset enough as it is.

Then this afternoon it was off to the eye doctor for me. Since I have diabetes I (as well as my doctor) wanted to be sure my eyes were healthy and to see about my blurrier vision.

I'd forgotten this eye doctor was an unpleasant, curt, bossy bitch.

After dialating my eyes and making me wait and wait and wait the doctor finally saw me, looked into my eyes, said nothing about what she saw and then proceeded to bitch me out for not having new glasses made last year when she prescribed them.

Now she's the one who told me my prescription had barely changed anyway and you know I just didn't get to it. I mean, shit! If I wanted to be bitched at for neglecting something I'd get my mother on the phone.

Then she proceeded to tell me that until my blood sugar was "stable" she couldn't prescribe new glasses for me because my vision would fluctuate if my blood sugar fluctuated. I can only assume that my doctor thinks my blood sugar is stable because she's the one who wrote the referral to this cow. Dr. Pissy Pants gave me a note to give to my doctor that for all I know chews her a new one for daring to refer me to an optomitrist.

Hey, if all I wanted was a vision exam then I'd go see an optician (in Germany opticians are the ones who test your vision - optomitrists diagnose eye disease). All I wanted was for this woman to look in my eyes and see if I had...I dunno...cobwebs or lizards or some shit in there. She looked in my eyes alright but all I got out of her is a bunch of lip. AND an appointment to come back in June. You know if I'm going to go around with my eyes dialated like like I'd just dropped out of a Cheech and Chong movie without the added benefit of my own fattie then I don't want to be chewed out by some uptight hag.

Ya know, I'm grouchy, tired, have gnawing stomach cramps and a bear I need to finish knitting. Time to say g'nite, kiddos!


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