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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Little irritations

Please, please Lord let me please just finish knitting this dopey scarf. It's not really dopey, but it's causing me to practically break out into hives because I can't get the thing finished.

I'm knitting a rectangle with a slit in it, for pity's sake! Why does it have to be so complicated? Better question: Why am I making it so complicated?

I'd got to the part today where I'm knitting the slit (and seeing that written out like that makes it sound a little kinky) and all it took was me to look up for maybe two seconds to see was was going on with the 7th Heaven rerun that was on TV to make me pick up the wrong strand of yarn and instead of me knitting the other side of the slit, I knit it closed.

Smooth move there, Ex-Lax!

I was determined this time that I wasn't going to rip out sixty rows of knitting to fix this. Not this time. So I unraveled it and tried to catch the stitches and transfer them to the right needle. Only took me three tries and I lost about fifteen rows in the process and I put the stitches back on the needle backwards which necessitated me turning each one before knitting it but I saved most of my work. I've reknit what I'd lost up to the point where the slit starts so once I get my nerve up I'm going to tackle it again.

Last chance. Last chance to get it right before I just have to take break from it and start a different project. I next want to tackle a triangular scarf in eyelash yarn. Easy work. Garter stitch and add three stitches to each row until you knit up 100 grams of yarn. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Unless 7th Heaven is on, that is.

Moving on...

I want a bacon cheeseburger from Sonic. I want my cousin Wanda's (God rest her) chocolate pie. I want a pulled pork sandwich from Corky's and I want a pepperoni pizza. God bless it, I want something that's not a fruit or a vegetable or chicken breast or some sort of whole-grain-so-full-of-fiber-I-could-poop-out-a-birchbark-canoe food. I just want some junky, trashy, makes-me-fat-and-my-blood-sugar-sky-high food. Something that comes wrapped in paper or cardboard and you have to wear a bib while eating it or else you'll be wearing half of it on your front.

I've hit the "eat sensibly" wall and I'm not digging it at all. It's not that I need recipes and tips for making fruits and vegetables and chicken breast and whole-grain wonders more exciting. I can do that. I'm just looking for that instant gratification thing. I don't want to take the time to prepare what's good for me. I just want to open a package and shove something into my mouth that tastes good and sustains me for about thirty-five minutes.

I'll get over this. I think a lot of this is winter blues so I'm stepping up my exercise another fifteen minutes a day. Maybe that'll help. Because I know I'm probably to the point where if I did indulge in my eat-just-for-the-taste-of-it cravings I wouldn't enjoy them as much as I imagine I would.

Of course if you waved a bacon cheeseburger from Sonic under my nose I'd glady test that theory.


Anonymous lisa said...

i'll trade ya a sonic cheeseburger if you could teach me how to knit.

i love reading your blog.

5:16 AM  

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