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Friday, April 29, 2005

Finishing things

Well let me just close any loose ends to finish off the week.

1. Things have been okay with the Louds. Tonight the TV was on to the point I could understand every word of the game show Herr Loud was watching but evidently one of the other Louds who have had the shit scared out of them turned it down after about ten minutes.

See? Now that wasn't so hard for them to do, was it?

I imagine they've gotten their formal written warning from the Wobau by now. The lady there was not very happy to hear that the daughters were sent to talk to us - she'd told the mother to do it herself as she's the renter, not the kids. And on a side note, my MIL ran into a former neighbor of the Louds and he reported that they lived in his building for nearly 20 years before moving to my building and they were annoying to everyone. They'd lived in that building about 15 years before Herr Loud had his brain thing and during that time they were famous for having TV and music too loud, having screaming fights and Herr Loud being an obnoxious, loud mouthed, unpleasant dickhead.

It must be true. Whatever you were before a handicap comes out tenfold afterwards.

2. I was a good 1/3 into my 2x2 ribknit scarf before I had an extreme fuck up. I don't know what I did but the next day when I picked it up to knit a few rows I saw that I had somehow twisted and crossed stitches and during the process of trying to fix them I dropped stiches - to the point of making a huge ladder of dropped stiches - and in general pissed myself off. So I frogged it and started again except nothing was hitting my fancy. Tried a P2, K1 rib...didn't look good for a scarf. Tried a double moss stitch but you know with all that's been going on this week I couldn't concentrate on it enough. Tried a 1x1 rib since the 2x2 rib wasn't really to my liking anyway before I screwed it up (maybe I did it accidently on purpose) - I just wasn't wild about it being so thick. Well I didn't like the 1x1 rib either and so I decided I'd just do a plain ol' garter stitch. And you know it looks very nice. It's flat and flexible and when I add a nice fluffy fringe it'll be a lovely all-purpose scarf that some lucky friend will receive.

3. Kitchen renovation work has begun. The city will pick up the old kitchen furnishings on the morning of May 10 so the day before (B's birthday, by the way) the old stuff will be pulled out - all but the dishwasher. That can stay because the guy installing my flooring is taking it to give to a buddy and the flooring will be installed on the 12th. Wolfgang is supposed to start painting the ceiling on the 9th and he's got to have everything finished on the 11th. And God help his hide if he's not done. God help him.

The electrician friend came today to remove the light that was along one wall that will now have a cabinet hung in its place. He was also able to put a plug in up higher as well that the range vent/light can be plugged into. And he only charged me 15€ - a barganza.

Everything has been coordinated. Let's pray the installation goes smoothly and I don't lose my mind not having an actual kitchen.

See you next week. I think I'll take this weekend off to sort through my kitchen stuff and to do some relaxation knitting. Nothing like doing row after row of mindless garter stitch to make the frustrations melt away.



Blogger Sally said...

Hoorah that the Louds are behaving. You and B have infinite patience and you're a better woman than me. I'd have lost it big time a long time ago!

I hadn't thought about you and Kirsti hooking up Knit wise! I'm so glad I pointed you towards her! She's a beginner so you can give her help.

Heres sending "easy kitchen installation" vibes to you my lovely peach!

Sal xxxxx

11:49 AM  
Blogger Kirsti said...

I hope that the kitchen stuff all goes smoothly, and that you produce row after row of lovely neat garter stitch. What size needles and yarn are you using? I love the look of the really big chunky garter stitch scarves. Off to go stroke my eyelash yarn one now :) Have a great weekend.


3:15 PM  

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