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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Quiet improvement

Today my MIL went to the Wobau with the written complaint signed by us and Frau 4th Floor. I had to stay home to wait for the DVD player we bought her for Mother's Day to be delivered (God love - if they would only deliver groceries!) and to wait for my new flooring for the kitchen to be delivered. Actually she'd have gone anyway, regardless of my delivery schedule. I make her do all my dirty work like that - talking to the Wobau, taking paperwork to the health insurance company, etc. I hope she stays able bodied and alive forever because I don't even know where some of these offices are located.

Anyway I don't have the full story because she only popped in to grab Bonnie for her noontime walk but she did say that Frau Loud was having a crying fit in the Wobau office on Tuesday when she had her audience with them. Actually had the audacity to say that the loud music and TV wasn't from them (because you know the real culprits waited for the Louds to move in before starting their musical terror so the Louds could be framed for it). Later she relented and said they were taking Herr Loud to have his hearing checked.

But you know magically the most annoying noises have stopped since Frau Loud's come-to-Jesus meeting with the Wobau. Herr Loud does turn up the TV but it's just this side of being acceptable. It's over the line when it's so loud that I know exactly what TV show he's watching and can hear every word. As it is I can just hear a TV is on but the sound is low enough that the words are still garbled.

He's now upstairs using his walker and slamming it down on the floor with every step. Again, not to seem like I'm a cripple-guy basher, I let it slide. And you know, as annoying as it is for B, the wailing and cursing and the profanity laden rants are semi amusing to me, thus showing my twisted bitch side. I'd take the compromise that he can scream and wail and curse if it's kept to a fifteen minute maximum and he keeps the TV and radio turned down at all times. I'll even throw in the pounding walker for free.

I hope the Louds realize that the real people they need to court isn't us but Frau 4th Floor and her husband. I have a feeling that if the Louds are evicted it'll be at the hands of them and not us.

I'll get the full poop on what happened at the Wobau today in a couple hours when my MIL comes down to visit.

Oh! And I'll throw this in as an extra bonus treat. Both the Herr and Frau 4th Floor and we have had our noisy famiy on the other side of us problems - problems that nowhere near match the Loud family. Hell, they're a pleasure compared to the Loud Family. I have the family below us with the gazillion kids and above Frau 4th Floor the family living on the 5th floor evidently engage in sex at least 4 times a week that seems to be so good that the woman has long, loud screaming orgasms that wake up the 4th Floor people. Both of our families with their own loud tendencies are moving out soon.

I'm actually going to miss the hollering and crying kids.


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