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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

100 More Things

It's been about a year since I wrote the first 100 things about me so let's see if I can come up with 100 more.
  1. I can't keep my eyes open under water for more than a few fleeting moments.
  2. From the time a plane takes off until it reaches cruising altitude, I'm screaming inside.
  3. I think Bugs Bunny cartoons from the 40s and 50s are the best. Any Warner Brothers cartoon actually.
  4. I don't think I'd mind working in a funeral home but I wouldn't want to see anyone unprepared and unboxed.
  5. I wish I still had my high school letter jacket.
  6. Angel food cake, to me, tastes like baked nothing.
  7. In the past 30 years I've been through probably 25 hair dryers.
  8. You'd think I'd learn to clean the lint out of them before they burn up.
  9. I can change the oil in a car and change a flat tire but I don't know how to change wiper blades.
  10. I wash my face in Dove soap because the smell reminds me of my Aunt Cora.
  11. I learned the hard way to not eat an entire box of frozen spinach by yourself at a sitting.
  12. The only stomach ache lesson even worse than the spinach incident was the too-many-raw-peanuts-at-once fiasco.
  13. I didn't listen when Daddy warned me.
  14. The kid that lived next door to my family in Memphis was named Tony. All the kids in the neighborhood called him Booger.
  15. I have a feeling that Booger is now in prison.
  16. Bet the others in prison call him Booger too.
  17. My favorite dress when I was in the 5th grade was from the Partridge Family fashion collection.
  18. There was a little red partridge on the collar and for the longest time I thought it was a tamborine.
  19. I've taken two polygraph tests.
  20. I haven't written a check since 1998.
  21. I was a kick-ass Greek dodgeball player when I was 11 years old. Partridge Family dress and all.
  22. I call the potato soup my mother-in-law makes "vomit soup".
  23. It tastes good but it looks like vomit.
  24. Boy does it piss off my husband when I call it that while he's eating it.
  25. I'm one of the few people my sister trusts to drive her cars.
  26. I've never been in a car accident as a driver.
  27. I am right now furiously knocking on wood.
  28. I really dislike socks and avoid wearing them whenever possible.
  29. The first album I ever bought was Hunky Dory by David Bowie.
  30. My ability to do even the most simple math is painfully lacking.
  31. I love being around or in water. I could happily live on a houseboat.
  32. I like to watch movies in French even though I don't speak any French.
  33. Within fifteen minutes of meeting my former sister-in-law she wanted me to look at her naked breasts to see if I liked her boob job.
  34. She waited only two more minutes before inviting me to feel them.
  35. I declined. They looked like concrete anyway.
  36. My cousin Wanda made the best chocolate pie I ever had.
  37. The last gift my father gave me before he died was a pair of black leather gloves lined with cashmere.
  38. I still wear them every winter - I've had them since 1991.
  39. My hair is now the longest it's been since 1984.
  40. I had a cousin who would wash her hair in dishwashing liquid and then put fabric softener on as a cream rinse.
  41. I used to look forward September for the new season of Saturday morning cartoons.
  42. My oldest brother's birthday is the day before mine.
  43. My sister's birthday is the day after mine.
  44. None of us were planned.
  45. Evidently my parents really dug April.
  46. I love museums and now wish I had worked in one.
  47. I have doubts that Bruno Richard Hauptmann kidnapped the Lindburgh baby.
  48. I wish I could play the banjo.
  49. Or the mandolin.
  50. I am fascinated by miniatures and collect them.
  51. True crime stories scare me but I am powerless to stop reading them.
  52. I don't take criticism terribly well but I'm better than I used to be.
  53. Same with compliments.
  54. I become very self conscious when having my photograph taken.
  55. I hated my Jeep Wrangler and was sorry my ex-husband talked me into it.
  56. But I liked waving at other Wrangler drivers.
  57. I now realize I had the same feeling buying the Jeep as I did when I married my ex-husband.
  58. I hated my handwriting and would practice making it look neat and pretty.
  59. I never liked how I made capital Ls and it was rather a relief to get married and no longer have to write one in my last name.
  60. Disappointment set in when I got remarried and having my new last name start with a G. I don't like how I make Gs either.
  61. I love that sick, stomach dropping feeling you get on a really high Ferris wheel.
  62. My father is buried in the same cemetary with his parents and his great grandparents.
  63. I haven't used a clothes dryer in nearly four years.
  64. In high school my friends and I discussed for hours whether Klaatu was really the Beatles.
  65. We also poured over "Paul is dead" evidence.
  66. Some of the best dishes I cook are dishes I won't eat.
  67. My mother used to make all my Halloween costumes.
  68. When I was five years old I was a Greek goddesss for Halloween.
  69. I kept telling people I was a "grape goddess".
  70. I virtually never answer our telephone myself.
  71. I like ironing but avoid vacuuming until I no longer have a choice.
  72. I've never ridden a horse aside from one at a pony ride.
  73. I often eat slices of chilled lemon.
  74. I am truly pathetic at bowling. I'm too concerned with potentially tearing off my thumbnail.
  75. I once went nearly five years without ever wearing jeans.
  76. I love TicTacs and eat them like...well...TicTacs.
  77. I follow the same routine most days, not out of compulsion but out of lack of imagination and the need to vary it.
  78. My Kindergarten teacher's name was Miss Wickie. I thought she was gorgeous and wanted to look just like her.
  79. I was very disappointed to find out she wouldn't be my teacher every year.
  80. My sister and my mother both taught me how to drive a car with a manual transmission. Neither one of them ever yelled at me even once.
  81. My grandfather's pet name for my grandmother was "Buttercup". Every time he called her that I thought of a cow.
  82. My grandmother in no way resembled a cow.
  83. I have no idea how many first cousins I have on my father's side of the family. Most are old enough to be my parent.
  84. Tomato sandwiches are a big reason I look forward to summer.
  85. I don't fear death, just the process of getting there.
  86. Each night I have busy dreams but often don't remember more than a few fleeting details.
  87. When I saw a picture of my husband from when he was seventeen years old I knew I had to marry him. He looked like a 70s rock star.
  88. I still dig that 70s rock star look.
  89. All of my friends are gorgeous looking. Every single one of them.
  90. I don't like sleep in pitch blackness and like a little ambient light from the streetlamps.
  91. The intensity of the experience of seeing bands live or seeing musicals live is enough to make me nearly lose my breath.
  92. I never, ever leave my apartment without saying "Bye. Love you.". Ever. I will even whisper it to myself when I leave if my husband happens to be asleep.
  93. With the exception of my sister, I am no longer close with anyone whose wedding I was in as a bridesmaid.
  94. I wonder what they think of when they see me in their wedding photos.
  95. I am very good friends with my husband's first girlfriend. She's his oldest friend.
  96. Electric drills freak me out and I fear the bit breaking off and flying into my head.
  97. I am amazingly good at keeping secrets.
  98. Rain on the roof is, to me, one of the most restful sounds.
  99. I have to shake the milk carton before pouring from it.
  100. As I fall asleep each night I imagine angels on my pillow.


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