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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Dotty Evil

Face with doing a bulleted list or yet another meme I made a command decision regarding which would be the lesser of two evils and therefore decided to go with the bulleted list. I'm the captain of this boat and what I say goes. That and I was scared that if I did three memes in a row you'd hang me from the highest yardarm.
  • This will make sense only to those who live in Germany: Dear RTL, In the name of all that is holy, please stop with Deutschland sucht den Superstar (for you not-in-Germany folks, it's American Idol in Germany). You haven't found one yet and the only thing you've ever succeeded in doing is unleashing Daniel Kübelböck on the country. Someone has stuffed that guy back in his box, haven't they? Let's look at an example of your track record. The last winner of American Idol a year later went on to win Grammy awards. Your last winner a year later was flogging without mercy singing his one lone semi-hit song at Magdeburg's hot air balloon festival. You'd at least be more truthful if you named your show Germany Gets Another Flash-In-The-Pan.
  • I have made a decision that if a TV commercial irks the shit out of me then I will not buy the product being advertised, even if it's a product I normally buy. Any commercial that screams at me, has a loud whispering voice-over, features children either rapping or dressing like a rappers or features the message that you should get treated differently if you're attractive gets crossed off my list. Pretty soon I'll be able to write my shopping list on a postage stamp.
  • Tomorrow is Mardi Gras and since I love Mardi Gras beads, the Barefooted One sent me some. I really wanted some big beads and she sent me gigantic ones. Big as my head beads. I love them. She's challenged me to wearing them outdoors when I'm out shopping and I'm tempted but these beads really are outlandish. They're beyond "Oh that lady sure likes green, gold and purple beads!" into "Holy smokes, that lady's beads could be used as a ship's anchor!".
  • I have got to find me some different face moisturizer. I don't know what's happened over the past couple months but my face feels like a sand dune within a couple hours of using what I have now. Evidently when one hits the age of forty-five, whatever natural moisture you managed to keep up until that point is gone. I think I'm going to have to break down and buy the heavy-duty, old-lady-skin moisturizer.
  • B and I are working on collecting all eleven seasons of M*A*S*H. It's my favorite comedy show of all time and I've seen every episode at least ten times (probably more) but B had only seen a few episodes before we started buying the DVDs. We're watching the third season right now - about halfway finished with it actually - and all I can think is that he's going to come unglued when Henry Blake dies in a plane crash. He's already in the past become pissed about the endings of The Buddy Holly Story, Sweet Dreams, La Bamba and The Glenn Miller Story because he got caught off guard about the plane crashes, although in all fairness he should have known about La Bamba because if you know what happens to Buddy Holly, you know what happens to Ritchie Valens. I don't know whether to warn him or just let it ride.
Knitting talk tomorrow. Finished objects. Pictures. New stuff started. You've been warned.

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Blogger Molly said...

You know that 7 degrees thing? Ok, I know
(means,aquainted with) Richie Valens' sister, Connie. She was in the movie and has an extensive collection of his stuff including his gold album award. TA DUH
I know, so what...

2:01 AM  
Blogger Miz said...

You cannot moisturize dead skin. Use a gentle (OK, I use sugar) exfoliant, then moisturize.

I also use a alpha hydrox product every 3-4 weeks for a mild skin peel. Helps keep the blackheads and wrinlkes down.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol I'd like to think of his surprise at the "plane crash endings" as hope. That's so cute though, I couldn't help but giggle.

My Brother in law has the whole collection of MASH. Now we don't know what to get him for celebration days anymore.

about the face moisturiser- as Miz said, exfoliation is really critical. I use stuff from Yves Rocher and they have a really good selection of products for a variety of skin types (i swear, I don't work for them) lol plus they're really reasonable

we haven't had to use the heaters as much this year and that's reaaaaally helped my skin

8:11 AM  
Blogger christina said...

Henry Blake died in a plane crash??? Wahhhh! I guess I must have missed that one.

I never really thought about it, but you're so right about DSDS. Besides being the most annoying show on TV right now, all of the "stars" have really been second rate and never amounted to much.

And yeah, I can also recommend exfoliation followed by moisturizer. But DON'T try Oil of Olay Sensitive Beauty Fluid - made me break out like a teenager and get all itchy and flakey. Eeew.

9:21 AM  
Blogger The DP said...

You know, I am not an old lady, but the only thing that works in winter on my face is Nivea creme in the blue tin when I am having itchy dry sand dune face, and Nivea creme is the old lady moisturizer par excellence. You know that Creme de la Mer is just glorified nivea cream, right? Yves Rocher has a lot of sales tho and their stuff would wind up being the same price or slightly more. I say whip out ten euros and get both :)

1:26 PM  
Blogger The DP said...

oh and DSDS, my friends and I torment each other by sending each other youtube videos of danny k. Once a friend sent me one at work and I started screaming in my office. Professional.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Marshamlow said...

I use original ponds cold cream and gently massage it in until all the grease is gone.

You brought back memories of when Henry Blake died, I was so shocked, I think it is better with the shock. Oh, how I cried.

7:07 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Actually I'm pretty impressed that you know Ritchie Valens' sister, Molly. I can't help but think of what he could have had for a career if he hadn't died as a teenager.

Okay...I'm definitely going to try to exfoliate more. Try blue tin Nivea on my face (I use it on my elbows now). Make a trip to Yves Rocher as well. Anything to stop this dry, itchy skin. I've never had this happen before, even with using more heat.

9:30 PM  

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