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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Might as Well

Spurred on by Mr. Fab virtually throwing down the gauntlet for me to post a picture of my laundry mountain, I shall do that very thing. After my irksome morning I don't think I could even be fazed by anyone teasing me about it.

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From the top to the bottom of that photo - that's all dirty clothes. Unfortunately that's not all of it. There's a load in the wash that I need to hang up to dry and there's a few towels that I used today when washing B's hair that aren't shown. Else that's my mountain o' laundry.

Belinda commented that she's not only got her own dirty clothes alp but also can't be bothered to fool with it any more than I can be bothered to fool with mine. I know it needs to be done but honestly I don't wash anything until I'm getting dangerously low on things like jeans and panties and clean towels. I get enough washed to get me through the time being but the things like tablecloths and shirts I don't often wear and the seventy zillion pairs of socks I have get passed by. And Belinda pretty well honed in on what slows down the whole process - it's the time it takes to wash a load of clothes with German washing machines. I know they're supposed to be all water saving and so forth and therefore have to agitate longer to make up for it but do they need to agitate that long? It takes 52 minutes for me to wash a load at 40°C - 46 minutes if I wash it at 30°C - and that with me using the cycle that cuts the wash time in half. If I wash at 60°C and still use the half time cycle it takes something like 1 hour and 4 minutes. It's hard to get a leg up on the laundry when three loads - and I'm talking about loads that are about half of what you could cram into an American washer - takes three hours to wash. Add to it that I don't have a dryer - I hang all of my clothes on racks to dry. I just don't have room for a dryer in my apartment and don't like them anyway. First, they're energy hogs. Second, if you think washing takes forever, you ain't seen how long drying takes. I bought the washer I have now about two years's just a plain front loading washer. The one I had before wash a washer/dryer combo - you wash the clothes and when the loads done it changes to a dryer and dries them. In with dirty clothes, out with clean, dry clothes. Nice except washing and drying one load of laundry took me like three hours.

Now it's just B and I and it's not like we're going through clothes like a couple of 15 year old girls. Normally he and I should be able to have all our clothes and towels clean with maybe...oh...4 or 5 loads a week. The problem arises when I get too lazy busy to do laundry and it stacks up and up. Or become an avalanche of dirty clothes as evidenced above.

I could get caught up if I would only do a three loads a day, every day except Sunday, for a week. Maybe less. I always have good intentions of doing that very thing and all it takes is for my daily routine to be thrown off and my well intended plans go by the wayside.

For example, my irksome morning:

B's dermatologist, who is very important to us because since B is a quadriplegic he's very prone to skin irritations and of course pressure sores, wanted to prescribe for a current irritation B has a special lotion that has to be mixed by the pharmacist. B's dermatologist is retired - he comes to see B on his own time because what normal dermatologist makes house calls? - so the doctor can't write prescriptions that our health insurance will accept. To remedy that, the dermatologist writes a private prescription, I give it out our family doctor and she writes a regular prescription for it. B really needs this lotion and I normally won't see the family doctor until the end of March so we called her this morning to see if I could pop in to have her write the script. She said to come on in so I walked over in some mighty annoying wind and rain, told the nurse I'd already talked to the doctor and the nurse told me to wait. So I did. The waiting room was full so I got crammed into a corner with an old man who smelled a cross between peppermint and nose drops jammed up against me. I didn't know exactly what time it was when I sat down but I judge it was around 10:45 because I left my apartment around 10:25 and it takes me 20 minutes to walk there.

I wasn't wearing a watch and when I could finally get a glimpse of someone else's I saw it was 11:35. I read a very dull health magazine (an Apoteke Umschau, for you folks in Germany) and then I heard on the radio station being piped in the waiting room the noon news come on. I then picked up a celeb gossip magazine so old that Anna Nicole Smith and her son were still alive and when I finished that I could see on someone's watch that it was 12:30. I'd contemplated saying "Did y'all forget me?" but the waiting room had been really full and I figured they were very busy. I had to stretch my legs so I got up and changed seats and that's when the nurses saw me and the unmistakable look of "Oh holy shit!" popped up on their faces. One scurried away and then a few minutes later the doctor called for me. That was a surprise. The doctor never yells for a patient in the waiting room. The nurses do that.

I came back to one of the exam rooms and found the doctor and one of the nurses both with the "Oh holy shit!" look still on their faces and the doctor had to admit that they'd simply forgotten me. The doctor had been in the staff room drinking a cup of coffee when the nurse came to her with my prescription, she put it by her cup and then walked off from it, completely forgetting that I was out there waiting for it.

You know doctors in Germany carry the sort of reputation that they believe they are without fault. Doctors here can be rather arrogant. They sure as hell don't like looking stupid. I know that I have the right doctor for me because she wasn't above admitting that they'd forgotten about me and all of them apologized to me over and over. The doctor even hugged me when she apologized. That's something I could expect from her if she were in my home because she's been our family's doctor for over 25 years and we know her personally but for her to hug me in the middle of her office is where we could be seen was something that really knocked me out.

Sure, it was annoying that I waited for nearly two hours for something that only took five minutes to do but she's a good doctor and she's done favors for us many time. She'd do anything she could for our family and coupled with a hug and a few dozen sincere apologies, I can forgive her anything.

So go ahead and tease me about Mount Filthy Rags. I can survive anything today.

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Blogger Tiffany said...

I am just impressed that you didn't say anything at the doctors. I would have, or at least think I would have.

The laundry? I do it every freaking day. Why? Because I have a messy husband, three kids, two dogs, and watch seven other kids.

And I have to do about 2 loads a day. I think I need to just buy more clothes/towels.

But the no dryer thing? That would kill me. In fact right before reading this, I went to check on some jeans and found that after 30 min they still were not dry. I was irritated.

Then came and read this. And now I count my blessings hahaha.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Oh I gotta be careful about not running out of jeans. Jeans take roughly 20-24 to dry on the rack in the winter so I have to plan washing them before I run out of clean ones.

I thought about saying something to the doctor - even saying "Shall I come back because I really can't leave B alone for so long." but I would think "Oh I'll just wait a bit longer. They're really busy today."

Now I think it was crazy for me not to have said something sooner but at the time I didn't know they'd completely forgotten about me.

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo to your doctor for owning up to forgetting you. That DOES make it easier to take, doesn't it? Sincerity and acknowlegement means a lot.

Once I went to see my doctor for a very minor follow-up to blood work done as maintenance for my high blood pressure. One of those where he looks at the lab results and goes, "yep, everything looks okay here," and we each get on with our respective day. But he got stuck with a high maintenance patient and after waiting for half an hour in the exam room after waiting ten to twenty mintues in the waiting room, I simply left. Guess what? He called me at home that evening and said, "yep, everything looks okay here and sorry for making you wait." He explained about the patient and I said it was quite all right, I knew my visit wasn't as big a deal. All's well that ends well.

I must say your laundry pile IS impressive. I can also say that when it comes to laundry, I'm not that bad off. I do five loads per week, more if I wash sheets and towels. However, three of the usual five are VERY small loads with just a few like-colored delicates that don't take but four or five minutes in the wash cycle and less than twenty to dry. Also, I tend to do other chores while doing laundry... like study or round up trash or scrub the toilet, etc.

I will not judge or make fun because there are plenty of OTHER things I let get out of hand like that. Junk mail, recipes I want to try... actually, I've gotten a bit better about the junk mail now that I take it to work and sort through it and shred the stupid credit card offers, etc. And anyway, if it took as long and was as inconvenient for me to do laundry as it is for you, I'd get big piles like that, too.

3:51 AM  
Blogger The DP said...

Maybe you have subconscious angst vis a vis Ruhestunde. I used to get laundry mountain in part because i was worried about quiet I would want to start a load and it would be 11:30 and I would be "ooh it is lunch time soon, the neighbors will complain" so I would wait until two, then i would be doing something else, then at five or six I would be like "ooh not going to finish before eight, might as well not do it" I live in a building with noisy immigrants like myself and we just do one load a night. Then we have a clean clothes hamper and a dirty clothes hamper. THe clean clothes that we are too lazy to hang up go in the clean hamper and we deal with that Alp on the weekend. I strongly suggest the two hamper rule, it makes the mountains go away, kind of like a cat in a bag but the tail is still sticking out.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Oh I don't flip out over the quiet time pause too much. The people that live below me are gone a lot during the day and they have no objection to breaking the quiet time on the weekend with their loud-ass karaoke. And the people above me? Their daughter is always practicing her piano during the quiet break. I don't like to run the washer or vacuum on Sundays and I don't do it after 8pm but if I've got a load of wash spinning at 2pm, I don't care.

12:13 AM  
Blogger sari said...

I tried to comment yesterday but was having difficulties. I was GOING to say, that B. never noticed the Chrismtas tree being decorated all year, so you'd probably be ok with the laundry pile.

But - that's one big laundry pile. I don't know how he'd miss that thing! ha ha ha

2:11 AM  

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