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Monday, June 23, 2008

Gray Then Bright

As seen from my kitchen window yesterday evening:




And then honey, did it rain! Not long after I got these photos it was like someone had unzipped those clouds.

Now for something a bit more lively.

I finished the socks I'd been working on for the past three weeks. Loved the pattern but as with most of my projects I have to take a break when they're about half finished so I can do something completely different.


Yarny talk:

Pattern: Froot Loop
Yarn: Dyeabolical Alter Ego Sock Yarn
Colorway: Pot o' Gold

That's some yarn, ain't it? Poppy gave me that yarn when I saw her last October and I remember thinking when I saw it "Damn! That's some bright yarn!". I generally have rather conservative tastes in colors and patterns. I'm not quite as bad as black-and-white-with-occasional-bits-of-beige-thrown-in but I'm also not quite the acid-green-and-gold type. Still I didn't put the yarn in with the rest of my sock yarn stash. It sat out on one of my bookshelves where I could see it every day. The more I saw it, the more I liked the yarn. Maybe its colors are an acquired taste but so is pretty much anything that's not run-of-the-mill.

When I saw the Froot Loop pattern a couple months ago I knew that it would be the right pattern for this yarn - enough color to make the chains and loops stand out but the vivid color wouldn't swallow up the pattern. And let me also add that it was great yarn to work with. Smooth, soft, easy to knit, not splitty at all - I would highly recommend it. I am very pleased with how they turned out and I have Poppy to thank for knowing it was the right yarn to present me. Leave it to Poppy to know what would make some bad-ass socks.

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Blogger sari said...

the colors remind me of carmel apples, one of my favorite treats!

you'll have to email cari, she's in switzerland and none of the laundry facilities are in english. german, yes. english no.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love how you match up the yarns to the patterns. Just like a chef going to market and buying the freshest ingredients and then building a meal around it.

8:18 PM  
Blogger Snooker said...

Awesome pictures!
Mother Nature is so great... well, except when she catches me away from the house without an umbrella.

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What gorgeous, dramatic clouds.

They made me feel closer to you....because they were here recently.

Love you.

8:14 AM  

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