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Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm thisclose to calling it done!

Just ten little rows and the demon scarf will be finished. And it's not the demon scarf anymore. Since I got past the halfway point it's been a lot of fun and I've been enjoying the process. But still and all I'll be glad to get it finished.

The store across the street from me had yarn on sale today for dirt cheap. Five 100 gram skeins for five Euro. Ooo baby, I can be knitting a boatload o' scarves now! It's nice stuff too so I think whatever I do with it will turn out well.

Anyway I'd planned on getting the scarf finished this weekend but I was thwarted at every turn. I'd planned on doing the bulk of my knitting and do some baking as well in the evenings but on Saturday night I remembered that I hadn't called my mother in two weeks so I gave her a quick call just to chat. Of course her phone was busy so I spent another 45 minutes trying her line over and over until I got her. Talked with her for over an hour and just as I was hanging up she said "Have you talked to your sister? You should call her. She was asking me about you.". No problem. I called my sister and had a great time talking to her as well. For an hour and a half. You get us on the phone and we just can't shut the hell up. Thank God for cheap overseas phone rates. At 2.2 cents a minute you can do a lot of talking for cheaper than I could mail her a letter.

So that left Sunday to finish the scarf and I'd done two rows after supper when I suddenly didn't feel good at all. Terrible stomach cramps. V and D. Use your secret decoder ring to translate that. After I was able to get out of the bathroom for more than 2 minutes I just left B playing his computer game and went to bed for a couple hours sleep. Woke up at nearly 1am to put his computer away and I felt better then. I have no idea what brought it all on except for that I perhaps at too much at supper and perhaps it kicked off my gallbladder. Well anyway I didn't get much more done on the scarf until today and now it's nearly finished.

Tomorrow I'm going downtown to look for eyelash yarn.


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