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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Later, taters!

Get your fill of me now, folks because this weekend is an offline weekend. I'm taking a self-imposed break from the online world for two days. No computer. No internet. No email that I'll be avoiding anyway and neglecting to respond to for three or five days. Or three or five weeks. God only knows why I suck at email. It's not that I don't like email or having something against it. I'm simply lazy at answering it.

Anyway, it's an offline weekend for me and instead my time will be well spent ("time well spent" is something I'm not terribly familiar with but I'm willing to give it a go) getting my apartment tidied up, watching soccer, reading, cooking, taking naps with my head on Lottie my sock monkey and knitting, knitting, knitting. I'm halfway through the keyhole scarf project and by golly that thing is going to get done this weekend or I'm setting a match to it. Then I guess it'll be well done.

And baking. Maybe on Sunday I'll do some baking. My friend, M, sent me a package that included Splenda Blend and now I can bake some cookies that I can eat more than 1/4 of. I mean 1/4 of a cookie, not 1/4 of the whole batch.

Of course I may just rationalize in that charming way I have and actually eat 1/4 of the whole batch. Oooo! Good thing I bought a few extra liters of milk the other day!

Can I just take a moment to bitch about how Germany (at least where I live because God only knows what goes on in the western part of the country) doesn't have any decent sugar substitutes? There's the old stand-by, saccherine, which I use in my tea. There's Canderel which I believe is like Equal but it makes my tea taste horrible. And that's it. Nothing you can cook or bake with.

Now if the United States can have Splenda, why can't I? Is it some diabolical scheme dreamed up by the European Union to keep me from baking brownies? I need Splenda, dammit. I need Splenda Blend too. If I'm going to have diabetes then I need something to help me out. Damn, throw me a bone, will ya Germany!

Y'all have a wonderful weekend. I'll report next week about how the scarf is finished and is fabulous. Or I'll be reporting how I managed to ram my head through our cinderblock walls in an act of despiration and self annihilation.



Anonymous Lisa said...

This would be the best advertisement possible for the Splenda company.

How'd the baking turn out?

11:18 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

ACK! I didn't even sort of get to the baking. Every time I had some free time something came up.

11:47 PM  

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