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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cool stuff, warm stuff

We're still having that unseasonable warm weather. Hot. Very hot if you consider we're in central Germany. One would think it's July here instead of early September.

If there's anything I've learned being Southern is that when it's very hot you limit your activities to cooler hours. Keeping that in mind I did the bulk of my daily stuff this morning and that left me with this afternoon to take a nap before starting back with things like cooking once the sun had gone down a little.

The air was still today - too still to get enough air flowing through my open windows so I turned on a fan in hopes of getting a bit of a breeze going. And that's all it took. I layed down on top of the bed with the whir of the fan in my ears and I was instantly transported back to my grandmother's home where us kids were piled up on the feather beds and to nap while the fans cooled our sweat filmed skin. I haven't had such a lucious nap in ages. The only thing missing was waking up to a glass of cornbread and milk.

And for after nap fun...

It's done. My Aibhlinn cowl is finished. I finished the last bobble, bound off, wove in and tried it on. And it's damn hot to try on a cowl in 85 degree humid weather. I was clawing that thing off my head like it was a beast determined to suck out my brain. I tried it again later on and I like it when it's in the up-over-your-head position, less so when it's just slung around my neck. Maybe it's because I have virtually no neck (insert "she's got a good head on her shoulders 'cause she ain't got no neck" joke here) and the yarn is worsted weight and I think the yarn called for in the pattern is sport weight so the whole thing is rather chunky around my (lack of) neck. Anyway, on snowy days it'll be great. And I think I want to get some 75% cotton, 25% acrylic stuff as the pattern calls for and knit another one. Just not right now because I definitely need a change of pace. I think I want to go back and try knitting the Zeeby's bag one more time. Or this! This looks doable for me. And I really like this Cinxia sweather by Mary Burr (the designer of Aibhlinn) but I don't think it'll fit around my boobs. In fact I'm sure it's a few inches too small. Rats. 'Cause that's a pretty good style for women with big boobage.

Who says stacked girls get all the advantages?


Blogger It's Me, Maven... said...

Love the cowl! I crocheted something with mohair last year, nothing as fancy as that, but same principle. Use as cowl or pull over head like a hood. Very useful!

Regarding your "southern" idea of adjusting your schedule when it's hot... I do that too. It's just good common sense. I don't do as much cooking etc when it's so hot. It's either we turn on the AC and I cook, or we save money by not turning it on and micro everything or eat salads. My husband who is from India, doesn't *get* this idea, as the women are expected to cook, regardless of whether it's so damned hot they'll fall dead of heat prostration.

Regarding the "neck"... have you ever gone to a Rocky Horror Picture Show viewing at a party in someone's home or a midnight movie viewing at a theater where everyone shows up dressed up in costume? There's one scene in the flick, where everyone start screaming at the screen, "Where's his neck? Give him a neck! Where's his fucking neck?"

Made me chuckle... Happy Friday to ya!

4:35 PM  
Blogger Mary B. said...

Hey Dixie,

Glad you finished the cowl. Worsted weight should work with the pattern. The recycled cotton I used is just a little shy of being worsted - it's a very unique yarn. I hope you give Cinxia a try.


4:26 AM  

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