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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's natures way of giving me a clue

I just spent the better part of an hour writing a blog entry. Nothing much has been happening as of late so it was just a series of snippets. A sort of sub-standard blog entry, if I do say so.

My computer, ever wishing to bedevil me, has been acting wonky lately. This isn't the computer that I sent to the shop to be repaired and there was nothing wrong with it. The wonky computer is our second one and for a good two months it occasionally gets its ass up on its shoulders and begins making sounds that say "Start to worry. Soon I shall break and leave your ass high and dry.". In reality it makes a sound like "tokytokytokytokytokytoky" over and over and then just as suddenly as it starts it stops.

As the computer still has five months of warranty left I'm looking forward to calling the Fujitsu/Siemens service center and saying to the person on the other end "...and then it goes tokytokytokytokytokytoky...".

So as I was finishing the blog entry I was working on I heard a brief "tokytokytoky", got some cryptic error message screen that I couldn't read and B just groaned when he spied it and then I rebooted. All is fine again. No weird noises, no further cryptic messages.

And no blog entry to be recovered.

Count your blessings. My computer was probably just keeping me from boring the crap out of you.


Blogger Miz said...

Back up your My Documents and other important files...NOW!!! (Trust me, been there, done that.)

6:08 AM  

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